Author Topic: The history of Liverpool FC in pictures  (Read 658666 times)

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Re: The history of Liverpool FC in pictures
« Reply #1360 on: January 22, 2021, 01:25:04 pm »
So Liverpool are finally league champions after 30 years of waiting and number 19 is finally here. Here's a picture of the 1900/01 side, the first Liverpool team to win it.

The first of 18 (1900-01)" by Steve Horton - Magic Moments - The ...

Wonderful picture.... A great team of heroes for Liverpool. Tom Watson was a fine manager, and what a bowler hat!
ĎItís one of the finest exhibitions of football Iíve ever seen in my lifeÖ Iíve seen Brazilians play but Iíve never seen the game played at that pace or executed like that.í - Sir Tom Finney after Liverpool thrashed Nottingham Forest 5-0 in 1988