Author Topic: Lovely Liverpudlians  (Read 192 times)

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Lovely Liverpudlians
« on: March 19, 2023, 05:00:33 pm »
The title for this thread is a quote I heard last week from one of the guides at the Anfield Experience Stadium Tour that the wife and me did on Saturday 11th. I found it really cool & funny and it's apt for my post I think. To all you lovely Liverpudlians I'd like to say that I really like your city and the locals in it.

Wifey and me spent a few days in your city and really enjoyed it. The first thing I noticed was the majority of buildings are red brick. I don't know why but I really like that fact. Seeing it most of the way in from the airport just appealed to me. Even new builds are going up red. It's just something I haven't ever noticed anywhere else and it's not regular here in Ireland. The World Museum is an incredible sight to see. I didn't go in but just looking at it from outside was amazing. The huge buildings throughout the city, St. George's Hall and the Liver Building are all fairly breathtaking views. I was hoping to go around The Royal Albert Dock but we just didn't get around to it.

We were down near it as we did the Beatles Tour which was really very cool. There's a lot I didn't know about The Beatles. It was very informative and we both really enjoyed it. There was one part of it that puzzled us a bit and we meant to ask a guide about it but forgot. Maybe one of you can explain it? Just before you go into the Cavern part of the tour there's a cat's meow played from the speaker. You hear it every couple of minutes. Seems odd but there must be a reason for it, so just wondering if anyone knows why and how it's related to The Beatles? Anyway the tour really is great.

We ate at Gusto on the recommendation of a taxi driver. The food and inside was pretty damn fine. A bit on the expensive side but well we were on holiday so why not? Have to say that everywhere we went we found the people friendly and really helpful. Witty too similar to Irish wit. I like to wander around wherever we go for holidays or breaks. I wandered around mainly just Liverpool One area but it was really nice.

The Anfield Experience really was an experience I won't forget. So much history and information and life. It was a privilege to walk around and see this great stadium. To see the trophies, memorabilia and hear the history of Liverpool FC. It might not seem a big thing to a lot of you guys but to stand only a couple of feet from the hallowed turf was a big thing for me. I've been to Anfield once before in 2007 when we played Derby Co, a long time ago but I really don't remember that experience. I was pissed that day and it's a big regret for me. I was a feckin eejit back then, too drunk to truly experience it. But now 16 years later I got to see the whole stadium from the inside and outside, brighteyed and bushytailed and 100% sober. Big and better difference!

The lunch and hearing from the legends was brilliant. Listening to Ian Callaghan and Bruce Grobbelar was fantastic. Ian Callaghan was before my time as I only remember starting to watch Liverpool on TV around 1983 or so but I remember Bruce playing. It was an honour to have my photograph taken with them and to hear them talk about the club and city. We did the museum afterwards and I didn't realise how big the European Cups are. It's massive and looks way better than the Premier League one. The whole experience was a blast.

I hope I get the chance to come back to Anfield for another match someday in the not too distant future and I would really like to see more of your city. Maybe when that day comes we'll be back where we belong again, at the top of the world looking down?

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Re: Lovely Liverpudlians
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2023, 06:46:45 pm »
I love reading posts like this and I am so glad you had a fantastic time.

I never tire of telling people how great the city and people are.

Hope you come back soon and catch a game next time.
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Re: Lovely Liverpudlians
« Reply #2 on: March 19, 2023, 07:22:28 pm »
Thank you for saying this, it's really nice to hear.

I've lived in Liverpool my entire life, half a century, and even now I sometimes feel like a tourist in my own city. It's wonderful when others enjoy it as much as I do.
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Re: Lovely Liverpudlians
« Reply #3 on: March 19, 2023, 07:57:56 pm »
Nice words mate , you’ll generally find anyone who slags the city off has never been . Most who have end up with a really positive outlook on the place .

I have a mate who I first met in Florida 26 years ago and we became really good friends and always visited him at his bar every year we went and he would invite us to his house , play golf etc  . This fella had left London in the mid 80s with his family  and not been back too much , he always said he would come to Liverpool if he ever got back to London .

Around 2010 he calls out the blue and says he’s in London to see his mum and he’d come up for the weekend to see us all , we sort a hotel for him and take him the match then onto town on the Saturday night . He would be around 60 by then amd we took him into the cavern and he called his daughter from there because he was so excited .

Next day took him golfing and that late Sunday afternoon a few of us picked him up and took him to Tess Riley’s knowing it would be busy and bouncing with all the older ones having a great time . We all walk through the door amd someone’s on karaoke singing your “your sixteen “ and a big sing song is on the go . We go the bar and asking what everyone is having but there is no sign of Dave .

Turn around and he’s at the front door stood with his mouth wide open just looking around , he walks over and says he’s never been in a pub like this since the late 60s / early 70s  in the east end of London and didn’t think atmospheres in pubs existed like
this anymore , he fell in love with the city and never stopped telling everyone about his weekend up here , one of the best of his life he said