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Re: United - The Green and GOle Standard!
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People blame the owners but they're only partly to blame.  It's clear they know nothing about football and thus rely on employing people that they think are the best fit for whatever their vision is, then take a hands off role. 

If, for example, I decide to buy a nightclub because I like the idea of going somewhere that plays the music I like, serve the drinks that I like, gets some good looking girls through the doors, and makes me money then I can either employ a nightclub manager with the knowledge and experience to run the place or I learn the ropes and do it myself.  If it's the former, I won't care about what brand of prosecco the barman serves, how many watts the sound system is, and whether the bouncer is taller than 6ft 4in as long as the money's coming in.

And for the Glazers, the money's still coming in so Woodward is doing his job.  Sure, he's not doing a great job but in this analogy, I haven't got a clue what the most popular brand of prosecco is, whether a laser light show will attract more punters, or whether the toilets need a refurb because it's the nightclub manager's job to sort all of that out.  Woodward has been given that responsibility and he's fucking it up for them and they don't have a clue!

For me, your last line there shows exactly where the finger of blame should point.

The Glazers should know exactly what's going on and who is doing what. Attendances are slipping, morale is low, the natives are restless, their biggest rivals and their neighbours have overtaken them longsince, the league table doesn't lie. If they cannot see that something is very wrong when all this is on their watch, then they are 100% to blame for the current incompetence and malaise. I know those at the top always try to shift blame onto the lower ranks, but the buck ultimately stops with those at the top. If the Glazers cannot see what's stinking the place out right under their noses, then it's on them.
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