Author Topic: Separating European cups by generations in your family  (Read 90 times)

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Separating European cups by generations in your family
« on: Yesterday at 02:48:54 PM »
I've just been watching the ITV European Cup journey of the 70s, and it reminded me last year of people saying "This is the first one my son/daughter got to experience".

In your family, which European cup belongs to which generation. I'll start.

 77-78 - My grandfather as he got to see it, but my parents were very young at the time.

81-84 - My parents are just old enough to see it.

2005 - This was mine. First year of High School, finally getting to see something my family talked about for years. I finally have my own story to tell.

2019 - My nephews who were born after 2000, but not old enough to remember Istanbul.

 I also call 2019 the parade for the Istanbul generation. Because it was on a school night on a Thursday in 2005.

What are yours for your families?