Author Topic: Poems in Praise of Liverpool  (Read 2912 times)

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Poems in Praise of Liverpool
« on: September 7, 2009, 07:13:35 PM »
Love our rich literary traditions. This is by one of my fave poets Levi Tafari:

Liverpool The Daughter of Merseyside
‘If you come with me I'll be your guide
to the city where I reside
let's take a walk so we can talk
about Liverpool the daughter of Merseyside
We can take a trip around the Albert Docks
then see the LIVERBIRDS and the LIVERCLOCKS
sail the ferry across the River Mersey
spot the African presence the true source of her
Visit the two cathedrals that adorn Hope Street
hear the comedians, the poets, the accent
and the sounds of the MERSEYBEAT
there's the Liverpool Tate, Saint George's Hall
a feast of theatrical treats
when it comes to football the city stood tall
achieving amazing feats
So it should be no surprise she is known worldwide
Liverpool the daughter of Merseypride.’
no coward soul is mine

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Re: Poems in Praise of Liverpool
« Reply #1 on: September 7, 2009, 08:41:14 PM »
Thanks for that and for bringing this work to my attention. Liverpool (the place) is in my soul and I make no apologies if that sounds corny. That poem sounds like a blow by blow account of what this weekend will be like for me and the family  ;D but I am just as happy, walking the streets between the cathedrals and 'hearing the accent'.

Another one from Levi Tafari

Media hypes
The victim Liverpool

They painted a picture
Of a criminal culture
Uncouth and very, very cruel

In vibrant times
Poets created rhymes
And comedians carried the swing

The vibe out on the street
Yeah! Everybody wanted to sing

“You’ll Never Walk Alone
In my Liverpool home”
LFC wore the colours of success

They would beat teams up
While retaining the cup
Teams who visited left distressed

Checkout the TV Soap
Visit the Street of Hope
With two Cathedrals shrouded in fame

Newspapers from the gutter
Distorted the disaster
Liverpool was back in the frame

Signature: Words Have Power. Peace! Levi 2006 I know people love the accent
But then some pass judgement
They say Scousers are always on the rob

“Well there is a Scouser in town
So screw everything down.”
If you’re a Scouser, it’s hard getting a job.

Some visit the Albert docks
Close to the Liver Clocks
And sail the Ferry across the Mersey

Checking out the famous skyline
Which is recognised every time
With an image that is Oh! So chirpy

Well! She is known worldwide
This daughter of Merseyside
With a passion that burns like fire

So the reason I write
Is to shed forth some light
And Liverpool you never fail to INSPIRE

Just on a side note, I heared Steve Macdonald (character name) on Coronation Street say to Craig Charles (actor) tonight something like 'come on, you are a scouser, you are meant to be a menace', and it makes poetry like this strike a chord. 'Toxteth where I reside' by the same poet seems also to ring very true, written in April 1989 as it happens.

I dont know, I am not a scouser. I now nothing about large parts of the forgotten parts of the city but I do know that there is a large part of me that would move to the city tomorrow.

Hard as nails but a heart so kind.

The people of Liverpool are workers. This is not a rich town where everyone lives a comfortable life. They work hard for themselves, and this is what we at Liverpool like to do. This is the attitude we must all have.

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Re: Poems in Praise of Liverpool
« Reply #2 on: September 8, 2009, 07:12:07 PM »

I dont know, I am not a scouser.

Fella, Liverpool is in your soul, you're a Scouse :thumbup  And I hope you have a grand time roaming around your spiritual home.
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