Author Topic: Liverpool and Manchester UTD in bombshell talks to join European Premier League  (Read 2965 times)

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Who gives a fuck about all that though? Stay off twitter and you avoid the majority of that.

The magic has gone because there are no fans and we have not been able to properly celebrate our title triumph in the face of all that internet-cess pool shite. That will not last forever.

It is zero reason to be supporting this. We'll be putting on home game exhibition matches in Qatar before you know it.

I am not claiming the league is great as it is now. It clearly needs massive structural change. But I don't see how going down the rabbit hole of further stratification of football into the haves and have nots is going to do anything to bring back the magic of the game. Quite the opposite in my eyes.

I don't do social media, so missed all the twattishness.

I feel out of love with footy in this country a long time ago, the hype of a league with poor teams, teams qualifying for Europe and then not trying, the destruction of the FA Cup, away fans from shitholes standing in the Anny giving it the sign on, feed the scousers, all the same small time songs.  I still didn't want a Euro League, then all the null and void shit started from clubs and I just thought fuck off.

Love LFC, hate the game