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Author Topic: The Decisions, Decisions Draft - Derby Day Edition - Group Phase - Matchday 3  (Read 1495 times)

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I admitted he wasn't top drawer, D. Each team in the draft has a weakness but a Portuguese international,  double cl winner, playing for Real Madrid, can hardly be described as a 'poor defender'. Also, Coentrau was a decent attacking force. Are we considering Ashley Cole as a 'great defender'?

Of course each team does have a weakness mate, I agree. But him being a double CL winner and playing for Real Madrid doesn't change that he didn't have his flaws as a defender. For one he played no part in their second CL win, bar two games in the group stages he played in. He wasn't even in the squad from 90 percent of their matches. He played 50 minutes in their first final there that he won with Madrid.

Ashley Cole is galaxies a better fullback and footballer mate, he wasn't the greatest defender but he was a  good one, on both ends of the pitch. He certainly improved massively defensively when he went to Chelsea.

Perhaps poor was a bit harsh of a word.

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I was about to reply to Trend about taking his point about not having modern players   ;D (it's not just Bergkamp though, also Lucio  ;D), but also that this is an all-time draft. However Betty beat me to the point  :).

If the likes of Maldini are closed out, I didn't want to get the next best players of the era, hence I went for players whom I've always been fascinated about while reading about them - Like how Yashin is the only goalkeeper to ever win the Ballon d'Or or about how Didi went from an Inside Forward to one of the best ever midfielders. Passarella was not just one of the greatest CBs, he was one of the highest scoring CBs. Austria finished 3rd in the 1954 World Cup with Ocwirk as the captain & Didi won the Golden Ball in the next World Cup.

I feel the same as others do about your team, it's a bit unbalanced, but I like your team. Our group's been enjoyable and it's a good game mate  :)

You did a helluva job drafting mate.  I just like to piss and moan, howl at the moon. 

2nd time saying this though, both Gerry and Viva are hard done by.... deserved better I thought.  Both teams, I would have thought I would lose to.... just saying.

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