Author Topic: AGAINST MOD£RN FOOTBALL: A Complaint against Premier League Ticket Prices  (Read 72541 times)

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Real auld arse here.. When I was a lad...we were proud of the successes of early teams - but they actually meant f-all to us. Fortunately, we watched the 60's -70's onwards teams. We had a connection and a huge pride in our players. Most saturday nights in the Punchbowl, Sefton, we could have a respectful laugh and joke with reds and blues. Our heroes were regular blokes  who liked a pint and some banter with us mortals. The only difference was that they earned  10 times what we did. we had mercenaries - Lawro being the worst. But most of they players and still are, part of the "us" that LFC is. They still talk that way. To many of today's crop have no connection / affinity / loyalty  to the club.

Just doing a job. 18yr olds earning what the rest of us dream of earning. And disrespecting the fans and the club as they do so.

Don't suppose it will happen, but fuck the past. Build with players who WANT to be here.
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