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Depends. If we’re working on another player, who plays in a similar position, it could well be in our interest to publicly deny it to avoid giving that player some doubt.

Possibly. But we hold all the cards this transfer window being European Champions. Players shouldn’t care if we have doubts. Rather they should force the issue with their agent. We shouldn’t have to deny anything because we’re probably a massive attraction to players right now. We can afford to sit back and see how the market plays out, wait for the first big transfer of the summer (Pogba, etc) and the watch the domino effect that has across Europe. And then if we make our move towards the end of the window we’d still be a big pull.
WHat they will really be aiming for is a Chelsea/United/arsenal off-season, which is entirely possible.

They all just had that,United and Arsenal. Despite that theyre still miles ahead of them
Theyre back, back from what,? Theyve done fuck all in 30 years.

They arent challenging for the top 4 regardless of what Chelsea and Mancs do
They're not wrong though. Liverpool fans in general and RAWK in particular are delusional even by football fandom standards. But that's what we are. We believe miracles can happen because we've been brought up on stories of such, and seen them with our own eyes as well. Even when they don't happen, we'll still believe they can. And sometimes, probably more often than is our fair share, they do happen.

This is why I generally don't feel that the fanbase or RAWK are particularly delusional, especially when you contrast it with much of the outrageous stuff posted on some opposition forums. The fact we've seen it so many times before means the optimism is quite rational really. Having said that, personally, I couldn't see us progressing after the 3-0 defeat in the first leg. I thought we'd maybe get three goals back, but I also thought they'd nick an away goal. After we won 4-0 I slumped back in my seat. I was at the St. Etienne game and even that didn't do to me what this comeback did. Our optimism doesn't always pay out dividends, but it does often enough for us to believe in circumstances others might just throw in the towel. The very fact we've seen time and again what this club can do against all the odds means, for me, our optimism is not delusional, but based on evidence.
Former LFC Players / Re: Fernando Torres
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For us he was exceptional

All types of goals, so explosive and just seemed born to score goals. Its hard to pick a favourite goal but a few of the most memorable for me are the first against Chelsea, the worldie against Blackburn (still no idea how he scored that from there), the drag and finish against Marseille, the first in the 4-1 because of where he actually finishes the chance and that late, late...LATE winner against Villa in the rain when it seemed certain we would drop points

Gutted when he left but it was his choice, cant think of many players who's form fell off a cliff quite so spectacularly. Still, at his peak the guy was unplayable. His song (will always be one of the best football songs imo), the partnership with Stevie, THAT Nike advert will always be remembered fondly by me
They aren’t relevant at all.

Bookies manipulate the odds either based on rumours or just to create a market and suckers then lump cash on. Mugs game.
General Football and Sport / Re: The NFL Thread
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no but will be trying on thursday.
Apparently 1/9 to sign Bruno Fernandes according to various bookies. How relevant are odds generally? You'd think they're informed somewhat by large bets....



Bayern Munich winger Franck Ribery has been repeatedly linked with a move away from Bavaria this summer, with Real Madrid his own stated preferred destination, though a clutch of Europe's biggest clubs have been reportedly interested at one stage or another.

Liverpool, until now, have not been one of those clubs, but British bookmaker Skybet, the company who dramatically slashed their odds on Michael Owen joining Manchester United the day before the striker signed for the Old Trafford outfit, have announced a similar cut on the odds of Ribery moving to Anfield.

The bookmakers have cut the odds on a Mersey move for the Frenchman from 66/1 to 8/13 on, after receiving a flurry of bets on the move taking place.

These betting odds things aren't generally relevant to anything happening
I’m sorry but I don’t believe her.

We now have to ring up every club to say we’re not interested in the player who is linked to us? That’s preposterous!

We don’t have to say anything at all. If we go to these lengths to make it known that we’re not interested in a player when we really don’t need to then I don’t blame people one bit for being skeptical. Michael Edwards doesn’t have time to call up clubs to deny interest. Common sense would suggest he calls them up to tell them about interest.

Depends. If we’re working on another player, who plays in a similar position, it could well be in our interest to publicly deny it to avoid giving that player some doubt.
Gomes is 25 and this the 4th club he has been at in 4 years

That is not usually a good sign

Either he's in demand or he's not wanted is usually the reason, he is either the turning point of his career or the start of the slide.

I think that, because of the position he plays, will go a long way to decide where Everton end up this season
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