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Chelsea (A) 1
Sheffield United (A) 3
Leicester City (H) 3
Man United (A) 3
Spurs (H) 3

They would be bound by the terms of the agreement a Corbyn Govt would have negotiated with the EU.

To change that would require an entirely new negotiation with the EU, which would raise a huge heap of problems.

I don't agree with that reading - a future Tory government could unilaterally walk away from a Corbyn deal in the same way they're planning to walk away from the current arrangements for transition.

And if you're right, that would mean a Tory Brexit would bind any future Labour government into a deregulated American vassal state, chlorinated chicken and all.
There’s only one really important thing here and that’s that the fans come home safe, stay safe travelling reds
Ideally yeah but then dyou think the actors/actresses would have signed up for another 3/4 full seasons? Another, what, 5/6 years of their career at least?
Weren't some of the lead actors also growing increasingly more restless and wanted to move on to new things? Pretty sure I read that somewhere.

I'm sure a few said as much after they knew when it would end, but if the option was on the table to stay an extra season or two, make a ton of money and not piss off half the world by refusing to continue, I think they would've taken it.
Another one for the list: first club with a dedicated manager out graffiti removal truck ...

Hang on!! Is that Mike Walker up on that sign?
Is Johnson angling for the EU to not give them an extension?

They can't even spell their own manager's name right.

fallout new vegas dps
I dunno, as it's on the premises of a metal dealer, I think that's possibly a clever and quite droll play on words. I'd have been proud of that myself, to be honest :)
General Football and Sport / Re: UFC/MMA thread
« Last post by Broad Spectrum on Today at 05:20:44 PM »
Cerrone should take a break

Yeah he should, he’s no-where near the elite level LW’s. To be honest before Saturday was thinking Conor would be a great match up, but even he would smoke him the way he’s fighting at the moment.

Justin Gaethje is an animal though.
Media and Arts / Re: Wrestling Thread (AEW, NJPW, WWE, etc) (*)
« Last post by King.Keita on Today at 05:18:16 PM »
Came across this video again which I remember seeing on RAW back in c2002.

Absolutely brilliant
I think there's a few of those, search for WWF Desire. Super nostalgic, takes me back to a beautiful time in wrestling history.
Is Johnson angling for the EU to not give them an extension?
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