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Gaming Board for consoles, PC & mobile / Re: Playstation 5 (2020)
« Last post by Macphisto80 on Today at 07:18:25 PM »
Did you keep the salt lamp, Sian?
Ray Kennedy

Media and Arts / Re: Decent films forgotten
« Last post by McrRed on Today at 07:17:44 PM »
Paper Moon.
When I was growing up, I used to love watching the Marx brothers films, which were regular fixtures in the Christmas TV schedules - I seem to remember they were shown in the mornings, one a day. But I've not seen any of them for some time - they're very rarely on TV these days.

Until a few months ago, when I watched Duck Soup.

Wow! To say it has aged badly is an understatement. (Although, to be fair, those films were probably very old-fashioned even when I was watching them as a kid in the 70s/80s, I was just too young to appreciate it.)

And yet, in spite of some of the attitudes expressed being extremely outdated, it was very, very funny indeed. The classic mirror scene still makes me laugh out loud...
Love, love , love the Marx Brothers - Groucho is a legend... watched the sanity clause sketch the other day.
They always said that they didn't write their material, the audience did (as they toured Vaudeville and tried different gags out)
Reach for the Sky (1956)

Biopic of RAF Group Captain Douglas Bader who, after having lost both legs, flew a British fighter plane during WW2.
Proper Sunday afternoon film.

Dogma. Jay and Silent Bob... featuring Alannis Morrisette
Media and Arts / Re: Decent films forgotten
« Last post by Hedley Lamarr on Today at 07:17:17 PM »

I thought it was a sensational film... but one that seldom gets remembered.  I loved its rendition of the 70s as much as it’s story
I actually think it's Spielberg's second best film after Jaws, from a technical standpoint it's very nearly flawless.  It's wonderfully shot, Kaminski has been his DP for a while, Munich is up there with his work on Schindler's List.

'VAR’s inconsistency adds insult to mounting Liverpool injuries':-

^ just a quick note on the end of the article...


Prior to the introduction of VAR in the Premier League, a selection of journalists were invited to Stockley Park for an induction into how the technology would be used in the division.

Mike Riley, head of the Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL), oversaw the session. We were told a few concrete things, as my notes from that afternoon reveal:

• There will be minimum VAR intervention (maximum benefit, minimum interference)

• The point is not to re-referee games

• There will be a high bar for clear and obvious

• Only overturn a decision if it is clearly wrong

• There to pick up big missed incidents, not painstakingly search for them

So, how’s that going then?'
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Attacking #20
« Last post by deFacto please, you bastards on Today at 07:16:13 PM »
No real updates regarding Shaqiri or Keita?

Klopp hasn't been asked specifically so he hasn't answered.

What I am saying if you applied the same reasons/injuries players dont play today to back then you would have seen similar injury lists.

I disagree. What you're arguing is that the current players are pussies in essence and can't suck it through like the players from an era in the past. I gave you an example where our own manager has stated that most of our players play through various knocks and tightness, HOWEVER, the key point being that when you are playing at a higher speed and intensity, you can only do that so much. You are also at risk of getting more injured, and you are at risk at damaging certain muscle fibers more so than others when you are playing at said speed and intensity.

I'm not debating that players of the past didn't play through injuries or that they didn't play under terrible conditions and therefore had a difficult time playing. Again you pointed out an increase in injuries, and the direct correlation to that, is how the game is played today. Not how hard people are tackling.

Surely you can see if a person has to play 60 times v 45 times in a season is surely hitting similar levels of physical wear & tear, I am actually saying they probably exceeded what we see today as the long terms effects have made some of them old men before their time. Also the club had less invested in the player so was not as worried if they ran them into the ground unlike the multi millionaires we have today who have world class medical teams, dieticians and mental coaches.

How much ground is being covered then compared to now? How much sprints are you making then in a game compared to now? Particularly in a pressing side like ours? You could play 20 more games, but still cover the same amount of ground in 40 odd games hypothetically, if you're covering more ground on a match per match basis.

Also most of our players are averaging close to 60 games when you include their international matches.

In any case, I don't want to keep going in circles repeating myself over and over again. You expressed your view, I expressed mine, I'll leave it at that.
It's interesting that VAR gets as much discusion as the game these days which is odd as the reason it was intoduced according to Infantino was “With all the 4G and Wi-Fi in stadia today…we knew we had to protect referees from making mistakes that everyone can see immediately.” Fair enough but who decided that the Coote in the box miles from the game was infallible and that, for example, we could see Mo was offisde immediately or that Robbo did indeed deserve to have a pen awarded against him? When Mo gets wrestled to the ground or brought down in the area, which are onvious mistakes missed by the ref, where is VAR? The whole concept is ridiculous as mistakes are a part of the game whether by officials, players or managers. To think that ref's mistakes can be eradicated by VAR is a nonense because, in the final analysis, if you employ humans mistakes are inevitable. So the question is do we want our game changed fudamentally (for the worse in my opinion) so that referees are protected from making mistakes, but simply allows others to make mistakes on their behalf? I don't and the whole  sorry experiment just needs doing away with.
No you didn't. You didn't have to 'drag this thread' from anywhere. But you chose to do so because you just couldn't wait to try and make a mountain out of a molehill, could you?

The definition of 'fan' and 'supporter' has definitely changed

are you being serious?

i love mo and the boys

stop being over sensitive - it's bad for you

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