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my point was about BOT's facilitating the dodging of UK tax, then expecting UK taxpayers to cough up to help them put their tax-havens back together again.

How do you think they do this?     

The UK is obliged to "cough up" to help with disaster reconstruction, because the territories are not independent and the UK is responsible for their security.
General Football and Sport / Re: UFC/MMA thread
« Last post by stevieG786 on Today at 07:43:33 PM »
He asked for Borg after TJ had already called him out didn't he? nothing was scheduled at the time i don't think. He just wanted a safe fight to break the record. That's why Dana and co were pissed.
"Liecester's biggest moments have come in this competition"

I'd say winning the league was a bigger moment, but that's just me I guess.
Boss seeing Ings back.
I'd love to see him get 20 minutes or so.
Hope Coutinho passes to Robertson today!
Tiny bit worried about Albrightons crosses but I think we should have enough.
General Football and Sport / Re: UFC/MMA thread
« Last post by Chakan on Today at 07:39:57 PM »
DJ vs TJ could have been just that though, but DJ opted to bitch out

He didn't opt to bitch out, he was scheduled to fight someone already and wasn't going to be forced into fighting DJ.
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