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Jota out :P ;)

Hes 23. So lets assume hes talking from when he was 6 until 16. Thats 2002 until 2012.

Im sorry but at what stage during that period were they relentless?  ;D
Standing on the Kop in 1990 against QPR as a 16 year old if someone
had said to me that the next time we win the league i'd have a 18 year old kid and a mortgage i wouldn't of believed it obviously

It's been a long rocky road just glad we managed it at last and
yeah it seems hard to be up for it the same at the moment just the older you get priorities change to especially at the moment
General Football and Sport / Re: The NFL Thread
« Last post by RedG13 on Today at 03:17:44 AM »
While so many things are terrible about the artist formerly known as redskins, this is one of their less bad choices, better to take their time and try to get it right rather than rushing it and messing it up.
Honestly more that to use any nickname for any sport teams in the us. You have to get it trademarked, and that process that like 9+ months. So they can do all the trademark for new name or just keep it simple with Washington football team.
Right. I have no idea how this mindset is compatible with supporting this club.

Location: Upstate NY. Ding ding ding.

About as rural and as red as the reddest states you can imagine, and full of kool-aid drinking conservative dumbfucks.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Ki-Jana Hoever
« Last post by Sangria on Today at 03:14:35 AM »
For me he is a better player with a higher ceiling but Williams is a more natural fit for the way Klopp wants his fullbacks to play.

I made this point in the Brewster thread - at some point we will need to transition from evaluating players based on how they fit specifically with the current system to potentially hanging onto these kinds of young prospects a bit longer in case they fit better with whatever the eventual next manager wants to do.

We're not getting an eventual next manager for another 4 years. Hoever and co aren't going to wait for another 4 years to see who that will be.
What is this nonsense?

Right. I have no idea how this mindset is compatible with supporting this club.
Jota out :P ;)

Jota also admires work done at other clubs. He would have no quibble with Liverpool being crowned champions if this season were to be cancelled. If we were to have the misfortune of not being able to end the season, I think that few people would oppose this. Of course, there are always rival clubs that could be against that but I think 95% of people would agree. For me they would be fair champions.

Which is not to say that Liverpool are his favourite Merseyside club. When he was growing up in Portugal, the English team he most enjoyed watching wore blue. I loved to watch Everton play, especially when they were playing at home. It was not a club that fought for the title but that always made life very complicated for the big teams. And I loved that drive and competitiveness. They were relentless.
Edwards is the Messiah! What the heck is he? Not human?

Hes not the Messiah, hes a very naughty boy good negotiator.
Edwards is the Messiah! What the heck is he? Not human?
Signing Jota should make Football Manager fans happy. If you mug up on your FM skills, you too can play for Liverpool. Next up Ousmane Dembele (Winchester City), although Antoine Griezmann (Arsenal) accused his Barca teammate of cheating by hacking the game. Joe Lolley of Nottingham Forest has played up to 2040 with Shrewsbury and 2037 with Oxford City. He's also reached the PL with Gloucester after 20 seasons on his current save.

FYI, Jota has reached the PL with Telford Utd.
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