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News and Current Affairs / Re: The Tiny Handed Dipshit.
« Last post by Giono on Today at 04:10:30 AM »

David Frum @davidfrum

A great way to show respect for the flag is to refuse offers of clandestine election assistance from hostile foreign espionage agencies
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Simon Mignolet
« Last post by BabuYagu on Today at 04:04:15 AM »
I wondered about this, and went to look at a compilation of top keepers to see whether they jump before diving. From Neuer, De Gea etc, they all do it reasonably frequently. I'm pretty sure the jump isn't the problem (in fact I would hazard a guess that it is good goalkeeping technique), but rather the timing of the jump that is causing an issue.

I was reading the twitter feed from a keeper coach about this. think it was Swansea youth team, or might have been Dan Gaspar. He was saying something about how when the ball is moving, the keeper must be moving to adjust his position and if there is no adjustment to be made then you bounce to stay on your toes. You set yourself when a player looks like he will shoot.

So I imagine you want to bounce and land just before the ball is struck. Not after as then you are slower to dive.

He also explained positioning in a way I liked too. Think of it as an anchor on the goal line in the middle of the goal and a rope is passing through your body, out your belly button and into the ball. Obviously this doesn't tell you anything about how close or far from the ball you should be positioned but it's a nice starting point. Out of interest I looked at a couple of goal replays from youth games I have on my computer to watch and when I draw a line from ball to mid point of the goal line it almost always passed straight though the keeper as described.
Sean Dyche made a fair point today (I know, wow, right?) about that Huddersfield player not being eligible for a 2-match ban because his peno dive was punished on the spot with a yellow card. Makes no fucking sense at all.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Sadio Mané
« Last post by jammy dodger on Today at 03:56:17 AM »
Mane at Asda

Adelaide by 40; one of the Rorys... let's say Laird.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Simon Mignolet
« Last post by DanA on Today at 03:53:49 AM »
A poor hand?  Sorry, no. That's bollocks.

And his setting himself didn't stop him making the save, so it's weird to cite that as some kind of evidence against him

You should watch the game anyway, he played well. You can at least have a proper assessment of his performance that way. Did all the things people whinge about him (coming off his line, claiming corners, being proactive) plus saved a penalty.

I wouldn't call it a good game. It was a mixed bag but ultimately 1 or 2 mistakes is bad for a keeper.

1. He went for a cross and didn't make it
2. He coughed up that turnover that should have been an easy goal
3. He gave away a penalty
4. He parried the ball into the path of Vardy

He obviously did some good things, and I think if the ref did his job properly then a couple of those "mistakes" wouldn't be talked about. But there is no way in hell I would call that a good game.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Daniel Sturridge
« Last post by The 1989 Brit Awards on Today at 03:52:31 AM »
To say that Daniel Sturridge played well today would be an exaggeration and an overstatement of his general contribution to the team.

He did look shattered because he is made of crisps/quavers and if he moves faster than a constipated snail he is then injured and without the speed, that he once had, he is a busted flush.

Daniel Sturridge is supposed to be our main striker but he does not score goals because his game was mainly about his speed and the speed has almost completely gone.

His pass to Jordon Henderson was good: well done for that pass but a great game overall? No

We do need a prolific striker as another option and Daniel Sturridge needs to move elsewhere if another club is willing to buy him.
Who says?
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Simon Mignolet
« Last post by BabuYagu on Today at 03:52:12 AM »
Thought he was boss today. The goals conceded were 1) Matip lacking pace and 2) Bad luck clattering Vardy, you can blame him I suppose but I remember when we used to roast him for NOT RUSHING OUT!

He SAVED ANOTHER PENALTY and you aren't gonna find that easily in anyone else. His distribution was decent, I think the rest of the team let him down to be honest. Towards the end he had a real urgency, was trying to get it further up.

I blame out back four for hanging back - passing back to the keeper.

Simon showed balls of steel after his yellow by storming back to goal and saving Vardy's pen.

I think it's time to divorce Simon from the defensive complaints - Matip played decent but lost his man a few times, and overall when the keeper is exposed it's only a matter of time til one edges past him.

Well done Simon.

Checked into this in the summer after people were roasting Danny Ward for not saving a single penalty.

In terms of the best goalkeepers in europe in saving penalties.
17. Loris Karius - Liverpool (34.78%)

Mignolet wasn´t in the top 50 list. I checked and his record is 10/40 = 25%

Wards record is 2/15 = 13,3%

Bearing in mind that in the Premier League 83% of penalties are scored, Ward is way below average. Mignolet is above average and Karius is at an elite level in terms of saving them.

Adjusting for this season, 12/42 puts Migs on 28,57%.
Like when we beat them 3-0 at their own ground a few years back, or when we beat them in the Europa League last year?

No eye roll smilie.

I feel cheapened.  ::)
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Loris Karius
« Last post by BabuYagu on Today at 03:44:28 AM »

Hadn't seen this before. Ryan Kent making it his goal in life to prepare Karius for crosses in the Premier League. :D That is an absolute wand of a left foot. Looks like Karius got rattled while punching it away too.
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