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General Football and Sport / Re: MOTD thread
« Last post by Lawnmowerman on Today at 08:30:52 AM »
Phil Neville is hilariously bad.
If he's on, i turn off. They lose me viewing every single time. Even his face is shite
General Football and Sport / Re: Southampton FC general discussion thread
« Last post by Lycan on Today at 08:27:23 AM »
The saints fans really don't like Pellegrino. They want him out already.
Very sad news. RIP.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Alberto Moreno: A New Dawn
« Last post by gregorio on Today at 08:25:50 AM »
Bienvenido Albertino !
See SteveO’s been banned from GOT. Did he get exposed as a trolling RS?

Fully deserved as well, thought SM would be stingy and keep him at 90 for now after only bumping him to 88 at the end of last season. I'm sure RK7 will also be delighted!

Mariano gets his rise as well which means I can finally bin him off and won't have to look at his shite hair polluting my squad list any more ;D ;D Priorities!
Err i though shite hairstyles was what got you frisky
How is this even a choice? You have arguably the best ever in-ring wrestler; someone else who's top 10 and also top 10 on the mic; someone who, at his peak, was as over as almost anyone's ever been (and who has the best entrance ever); someone who's in the top 10 technical wrestlers ever; and someone who was officially the hardest man in the world at one point. That's the perfect team balance wise.

I like Rysoph and LM's teams, but once you get past the first one or two picks how many great matches can you remember from those guys? How many great promos? LM's team are mostly jobbers. Rysoph's is all right but again, mostly second raters. Everyone in this team was the main man in a promotion at one time or another - A-listers from top to bottom.
;D Terry Funk not in memorable matches?? Memorable promos? I'd class meself as a casual wrestling fan but seen plenty of Funk. The guy could do it all fight style and mic skill. Psychology off the charts. His early days were before my time but i'd know enough of him to know he was a main man in every promotion he showed up in. He's a legend and get's even more legendary bonus points for being in 'Over the Top'!!
Brian Pillman not memorable promos??!!

Your first two are great and I love Y2J. Shawns sexy boy schtick wound me up as he got older though :D Goldberg was just an entrance. His ring skills were shite and his promos even worse ffs. Just a good looking big guy. Total amateur in the ring. There's a reason his fights were so quick. People give the Warrior stick but at least he could deliver memorable promos. I don't know much about Samoa joe as he was an a lister in the minor leagues forever so i can't dispute your seemingly outlandish top 10 technical wrestler. The guy looks like he's only good at wrestling open boxes of dunkin donuts though. Shamrock was clearly unhinged but Haku would have calmed him down
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Alberto Moreno: A New Dawn
« Last post by joekim87 on Today at 08:09:34 AM »
It's so wonderful to see our team have some proper widemen in both the attacking and defending positions. Those four positions were black holes for a while but with Mane, Salah, Newberto Monero and TAA, we've got league winning widemen.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Liverpool FC complete signing of Mohamed Salah
« Last post by IanZG on Today at 08:09:13 AM »
Got to admit I was worried about his finishing a little at first.

How's wrong was I?


His finishing is still not perfect. Honestly, that's what excites me the most about him, he's been crazy good so far and I still feel he has room to improve. Love the guy
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