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This game is proof of why I still don't think City will win the CL. The very best will take them apart at the back. Their defence hardly ever gets tested in the league usually.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: PL: Liverpool 0 vs 1 Fulham Lemina ‘45
« Last post by decosabute on Today at 05:47:25 pm »
As unforgivable as it sounds, I'm actually starting to get the vibe that some of the players don't think they should be on the same team as the likes of Philips or WIliams, or maybe even Neco for that matter. They are letting the drop In quality around them effect them.

So in this case, some quality replacements might have helped.

I happen to think they are doing OK, but they are miles off the quality we need.

Think there's definitely something in this. You can cope with starting with one or two of the inexperienced/championship-level players in our squad every so often, as long as the rest of the team is quality and the machine is running normally. But when it's the norm that these players are playing (three quarters of our back four today - good lads though they are - were simply not PL level), it wouldn't surprise me that that has been part of some senior players' heads dropping. The last minute january business (especially when one of them hasn't even been seen anyway) might have been underwhelming to them too.

I know we'd like to think the experienced players would just get on with it, but I don't think that's always how it works. Gerrard was definitely someone whose own game varied wildly (especially later in his career) depending on whether he was playing with quality players he believed in, or bums. 
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: PL: Liverpool 0 vs 1 Fulham Lemina ‘45
« Last post by Coolie High on Today at 05:47:18 pm »
Complete bollocks.

There’s loads of very good players who’d sign for us if we have the money to sign them, we signed Suarez when we were in the relegation zone (or close to it I can’t remember exactly.)

If we’re out of the CL for 2, 3 seasons, then it becomes problematic, but one season many players will totally overlook.

Still think most players will sign for us, is the investment and paying their wages that is the problem.
Dias is not good whenever he is exposed. He is not in the same league as Van Dijk.

Not even the same sport as Van Dijk
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: PL: Liverpool 0 vs 1 Fulham Lemina ‘45
« Last post by Schmohawk on Today at 05:47:09 pm »
I guess the only positive was that Fabinho won some balls in midfield when he came on.
General Football and Sport / Re: Premier League fixtures 6th-8th March
« Last post by rob1966 on Today at 05:46:49 pm »
Honestly couldn’t give a fuck, atleast City’s winning record can fuck off now

They can just wank off over the other mobs away record instead
The good thing about our poor form and the state of our season is that we've got enough points to stay up and are in a lovely position of not having to give a fuck

The pressure is off and we can just enjoy hopefully coming out of the lockdown and slowly getting back to the real world.

The Boozer / Re: Jokes so bad they're punny
« Last post by Redwhiteandnotblue on Today at 05:46:17 pm »
You need to Polish this joke a bit.

I have a Polish friend who is a sound technician.
And a Czech one too. And a Czech one too.

How's this? I assume that's what you meant but I was Russian a bit.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: PL: Liverpool 0 vs 1 Fulham Lemina ‘45
« Last post by Fromola on Today at 05:46:15 pm »
I am talking about scoring goals. How many goals have you seen United get this season due to to it hitting someone's finger nail? Sometimes you need a slice of luck.

Nothing ever seems to bounce for us at all.
Haha sure dude. Good one. I'm sure you sent them your PS4 too so they can practice their tactical passing on FIFA while out injured.

No, but hopefully they’ve still got my 3.5” floppies of Champ Manager that I sent 3 years ago, as clearly these were the catalyst for our success.
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