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News and Current Affairs / Re: Politico-a-go-go Looney Tunes! Schorcio!
« Last post by Alan_X on Today at 08:49:15 PM »
I'll just leave this here....

Liverpool FC Forum / Re: CL 1st leg: L’pool 0 v Bayern 0
« Last post by BobPaisley3 on Today at 08:49:00 PM »
Kingsley Coman tore his hamstring today too, so he will be out for a while.
He was their biggest threat the other night so would be a big loss. Is it an actual hamstring tear or a Man Utd hamstring tear?
If only there were some explanation?

Still, getting rid of Corbyn won’t help if you get McDonnel or similar in return. And given the change in selection rules it’s almost impossible not to have a fuckwit going up

McDonnel does seem to be conducting himself rather well of late in comparison to the others. He’s definitely positioning himself as the heir I think.
Media and Arts / Re: 2019 in Music
« Last post by Filler. on Today at 08:46:26 PM »
Yeah I might have mentioned it. The new album is a relentless banger. 

They're a band that feels essential in music now. They live in that joyous place where being worldly, political and being sound goes 99% of the way.  What separates them is they have the chops.

The new album - if you love kraut, of you love skronk, if you love grooves, if you love jazz - it's a loveable rogue.  It's got the lot.  Massive moods, subtlety, a bludgeon, everything.

But to make the case for their album that came out last year - which is a stunner, and the more listen to it, is a top 3 album from last year - if you appreciate space and dynamics, man, Sunwatchers II is a bonafide classic. Listen to the new one, but the last one is a masterpiece.

Hope you are cool, .Filler.

Will give you a holla.

May need to buy Sunwatchers II. Wanted it, but couldn't find a copy in UK till the other day. May need to buy the new one plus the Minutemen love in LP which is glorious tooThink I agree with them feeling essential... they certainly wear a few hats I find attractive, and musically, they kick ass, and still got loads to offer. Hoping they get themselves to UK sometime. Should be a blast.

Am good cheers. Cheers Simon too (will check King Midas). Hopefully getting phone sorted next week. I miss it!
General Football and Sport / Re: Six Nations 2019
« Last post by That'll learn you!! on Today at 08:45:00 PM »
Range Rover. Barbour. The Conservative Party. Your boys took one hell of a beating!

Always good to win against them lot, especially when they're as good a team as they currently are. And reading some of the bitterness on here from English fans has made it just that little bit sweeter!

Although it worries me for the *actual* big game this weekend, as there's no chance both my teams can beat their big rivals in the same weekend.
we used to have a good record when Wales did OK in the Five Nations! How's the Popes' feeling?
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: CL 1st leg: L’pool 0 v Bayern 0
« Last post by Die Nullfünfer on Today at 08:44:57 PM »
ANy news on Robben? Surely he is back for them by the time we play?

I am not sure he will be. He is still not in team training, although he has been running.

He's had a couple failed attempts at getting back from this thigh injury already, so it seems a real problem for him.
General Football and Sport / Re: Boxing thread
« Last post by Lusty on Today at 08:44:29 PM »
Probably wondering if jumping up 2 divisions was a good idea.
And away to the team they would be 8 points ahead of in mid week

Palace and Burnley have as good as caught them, Newcastle breathing down their necks

Cardiff a
Liverpool h
Newcastle a
Chelsea h
West Ham a
Arsenal h
Fulham a
United h
Palace a
Burnley h
Spurs a

I'd say they start 2nd favourites in nearly every game

Its on ;D
The Boozer / Re: Jokes so bad they're funny
« Last post by Alan B'Stard on Today at 08:43:42 PM »

What’s the difference between anal and oral sex?
Oral sex makes your day. Anal makes your hole weak.
News and Current Affairs / Re: Politico-a-go-go Looney Tunes! Schorcio!
« Last post by Alan_X on Today at 08:42:44 PM »

A skinny bearded vegan trump here, the life long anti racism campaigner that doesn’t want to talk about racism

Corbyn: As you may have noticed, the MSM can be hostile. I did an interview for Sky and they kept asking me about racism and why people were leaving the party, rather than things I wanted to talk about.

How very dare they! Asking him questions about things he didn't want to talk about. You don't get that on RT or Iranian State TV or when you do a phone in with the Venezuelan President... Scandalous behaviour by the MSM state  Jewish-controlled media.
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