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Imo to improve our depth in the final third, we should seriously consider signing him in the summer, he would fit us like a glove, especially with the Brazilian lads here
He's only been there 10 minutes. They will be peeved if we even ask, surely?
General Football and Sport / Re: Rangers 2018/2019 - Stevie Gerrard Watch
« Last post by Lad on Today at 08:22:43 PM »
Fucked that up 🤪
General Football and Sport / Re: Rangers 2018/2019 - Stevie Gerrard Watch
« Last post by Lad on Today at 08:22:03 PM »
Im well aware mate, I was being sarcastic in response to the earlier post. I actually think the youngest victim in the Ibrox disaster was a lad from Liverpool.

There's a connection between a minority of the Rangers support & Chelsea fans. There's a Blues Brothers thing going on there, & it can include people that are far right in their beliefs.
The reality of it is that a lot of Rangers fans have favoured English teams, in my group of friends alone we have guys that like Chelsea, Man City, Arsenal, Man Utd, Liverpool & Aston Villa, all for various reasons.

I believe down south in the 60s & 70s a lot of English supporters had a leaning towards Rangers & Celtic, quite often each teams name would get chanted on various terraces, but they aren't as relevant now.

Actually, historically in terms of club connections Rangers had a good relationship with Arsenal, Bill Struth & Herbert Chapman were good friends & they played multiple friendlies. Up until Craig Whyte sold them, Rangers actually had a small amount of Arsenal shares which were gifted to them.

Those of us who are old enough will remember in the 70’s the Kop used to do a vociferous Rangers/Celtic chant breaking into Liiiiiiiverpool at the end of it at every home game.
There are two guarantees for tomorrow, the sky will be blue and Milner will start.

The sky's been pretty grey most of today. Doesn't look look like it's going to be lovely tomorrow either.
I also popped in there before coming on here (not as an obsessive, 2 or 3 times a year is enough for me). You'd think we were playing Sunderland the way most of them were talking. The nearest sentiment to a win/win was that losing by a tonking from us got shitcoat out the door. There must be some malaise amongst their players, let's just hope it continues through to Sunday evening.

40% of them think we will win by 3 goals or more. It has to be attempts at the mockers.
On the point that he Bo doesn't tend to offer a prediction ahead of time, I'd be very happy to be proven wrong as I respect his opinion. Do you think Corbyn will change course, and actively try to prevent brexit Bo?

Was a year ago early enough?

I've actually predicted the day after the referendum that Brexit would never happen (can't easily find any quotes, especially in all the closed threads, so you'll have to take my word for it), but I do admit I had underestimated the idiocy of the last two governments. My faith in big business has never wavered, though.
Couple of bonus games tonight, Texans at the Jets  9.30pm & Browns at the Broncos 1.20am
The Ngog one weren't it?

Loved that game even though the season itself was awful and H&G were here, the club was in trouble and Rafa ultimately got sacked and whilst we deserved to win, we didn't even play that well but Ngog's goal remains one of my favourite memories in recent years.
can't see Klopp losing to them though.

why? They are a really strong team, with a better coach than they had last time Liverpool played them too. Right now they are both playing well and grinding out wins when they need to.

Not saying LFC would lose by the way, but it's very simplistic to say they wouldn't cos Kloppo wouldn't!   And Favre has beaten his teams a few times before.
Playing Milner from the start again would be mad!

Was already a stretch starting him midweek, and one which put us at greater risk of conceding in the second half the other day (luckily they didn't take advantage of our porous midfield too badly). He was so knackered he had to force the boss's hand when he  was trying to take Gini off first.

Assuming TAA can't play, surely Fabinho slots in given his match fitness (over Clyne), height, and freshness having only played a few minutes in a week

There are two guarantees for tomorrow, the sky will be blue and Milner will start.
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