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why the fuck is the Manc game being shown live tonight?? ....fuck sake ....just assumed it was the bitters

I suspect if either Arsenal, Chelsea or Everton had been drawn away then they would have gone with that one.
It's getting to that stage. If ever a manager needed a win, it's this JK this Saturday. If we lose again I'd sack him & get King Kenny back to steady the ship until we get a PROVEN world class manger in.

Troll alert.

Either that or a poster boy for mind altering drugs going wrong.
General Football and Sport / Re: Bundesliga Thread
« Last post by Gerry Attrick on Today at 07:24:47 PM »
Koln are regressing, they wouldn't have scored if they played until midnight and I think Stoger is in big trouble. I would love Frankfurt to get relegated though, I hate them. They're the West Brom of the Bundesliga, they can fuck off to 2.Bundesliga and stay there.
News and Current Affairs / Re: The Tiny Handed Dipshit.
« Last post by Ray K on Today at 07:24:35 PM »

Trump, at a lunch with African leaders, refers to the non-existent country of "Nambia."
9/4 and 14/1 available on Martin Harnik for Hannover who are doing really well in the Bundesliga.  He's 3 in 4 this season and 17 goals last season helping them get promoted.

Hannover are away to a wank Freiburg and I really like this bet

Also an 8/1 AGS double Harnik and Uth for Hoffenheim
LOL at our defence against Vardy. We'll be lucky to draw.

That's the spirit.
We beat them 4-1 last year when he was up against against Matip and Lucas.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Liverpool's Midfield
« Last post by Al 555 on Today at 07:21:29 PM »
But this is due to how different coaches see football. Pep (and Klopp) see it as stopping the ball getting to the defence and preventing time on the ball. Whereas typically the systems you are referring to aim to restrict space in attack.

It doesn't mean there is only one way to approach it, just different ways.

You can't always press though Babu you need to have triggers that mean you drop off and defend in a traditional way and to do that you need to have players who can defend the centre of the pitch.

Klopp had Kehl and Bender at Dortmund.

Pep had Busquets at Barca.

Pep had the likes of Martinez, Alonso and even Lahm at Bayern and Fernandinho plays week in week out for City.

We have none now.

I got Seri on the external market, so I'm looking for them. 

I got criticised for not having patience in the past.  Now I'm getting criticised for having too much patience. Make you minds up.  ;D
I may not have criticisedyou for not being patient. I am however criticising you for being a theme builder!! :P ;D
Where the real game is at though is scouting out the late bloomers who suddenly explode onto the scene and rise very quickly. That's something I've got to get better at myself, and is why I've been taking gambles on Moreno style signings.

Card Cheat is the master at this, he was on to the likes of Kante, Mahrez, Van Dijk, Kane while the rest of us were thinking "are they really that good? are they really worth signing?". That type of player is SM gold dust, as you don't have to wait for years for them to break through like you do with a talented 18 year old.
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