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Anyone received a Watford text yet?

I havent. Normally around 3-4 isnt it?
Someone on Facebook wanting donations for a food bank in Rhyl. Fuck that, those twats just voted in a conservative MP and get what they deserve.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: The Anfield Wrap
« Last post by craiglfc7 on Today at 12:55:33 PM »
Mad today -

- Klopp Contract Reaction Special
- Minamino Gutter Special podcast (Out soon)
- Minamino Special podcast from yesterday with Mel on the deal and Austrian footy expert on the player.
- Stats Show video looking at Minamino (Out soon)
- Qatar Controversy podcast & video
- Office Christmas AFQ 
- The Weekender: Salzburg, Minamino,Watford.
- The Preview Show video: Watford

Then all the build up to Watford. All on the app.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: JŁrgen Klopp
« Last post by The Final Third on Today at 12:55:05 PM »
JŁrgen Klopp exclusive: 'It just feels so right for all of us here'

James Carroll

ĎIt just feels rightÖ itís perfect,í was how JŁrgen Klopp explained his decision to agree a contract extension with Liverpool Football Club that will keep him at Anfield until 2024.

The news broke on Friday morning that the manager will sign a new deal with the Reds, extending his stay at the helm well into the next decade.

He is joined by assistants Peter Krawietz and Pepijn Lijnders in committing his future to the club.

Klopp sat down with in his office at Melwood to outline the reasons behind his decision, reflect on his journey with the club so far, highlight the collaborative work behind the teamís success and look forward to the future.

Congratulations on agreeing a new contract with the club Ė why was this the right decision for you?

Itís actually so easy but then in the end so difficult to explain maybe Ė because it just feels right. So far, we had an incredible journey together, each and every day felt so special. There were not only good days obviously, there were some average days involved as well; big defeats, big wins, all that stuff. But itís really about that I wanted to stay a part of this club, thatís how it is. Our relationship is pretty special so we want it to continue. I spoke to Pete and Pep, they saw it exactly the same way, then the decisive people started talking and a couple of days ago they agreed, so itís really, really nice to know the fact that we will stay here longer. Perfect. Perfect news for the three of us, for our families, itís really, really nice.

Just how important was it for Pete and Pep to agree as well?

Without an agreement from the boys, nothing would have happened. Thatís how it is. It was always like this in my life, that I said first and foremost the assistants have to be happy and then we can talk. That was no different here. I worked together with Pete for wow, I donít even know, maybe 20 years in different kinds. With Pep, four years with a little break when he went to Holland. We know each other, we trust each other, we help each other a lot. Without them I would not even be half the manager I am and thatís cool. Plus Vitor [Matos], plus John [Achterberg], plus Jack [Robinson] Ė they will stay here as well of course, they signed new contracts only recently. So, itís a perfect situation.

Itís important to highlight that collective approach, isnít it? Itís not just yourself, the coaches and the players, itís everybody here at Melwood, itís the owners, itís Michael Edwards, everybody pulling in the same directionÖ

Thatís the main reason why we feel so good here. In the moment itís a very good time obviously; we had a more difficult time in the past, we will maybe have a more difficult time in the future. Itís not about that, itís not about hoping it will stay like this, itís about being ready to work for it. Yes, the work together with Mike [Gordon] and Michael is exceptional. You could ask everybody at Melwood, everybody enjoys coming in here every morning and it will be the same in Kirkby when we go there. It will be a difficult moment when we leave Melwood actually but we are looking forward to Kirkby as well. Thatís all good. When you sign a contract now, you know there will be some difficult decisions to make in the future, but I really think after knowing the club so long now Ė and being responsible for it as well Ė that we are the right people to do that, not somebody else, a new manager coming in and making difficult decisions and people are not happy with it, then the whole project gets a little setback. Thatís not necessary. I really think we are the right people to do that in the next, for now, four-and-a-half years. We are pretty much in the middle of the contract. Itís cool. We are ready for that. We know about the situation and we are ready to face the situation and sort it where necessary.

It's your fifth season as Liverpool manager. You touched upon this in your first answer, but what a journey it's been so far...

Crazy, huh? It's like this [clicks fingers], gone. But it was intense, it was great, it was beautiful obviously with the massive day in Madrid which we had this year, this summer. We had pretty much everything Ė we had finals, we had defeats, wins, emotions more than I think useful sometimes and legal as well! Great nights at Anfield, great away games, it was everything. Fantastic players coming in, sensational players left us but in a good way. All that what you wish and you think about your football club, you think, 'OK, that's how it should be'. The news is, I would say, 80 or 90 per cent of the time rather positive. Good, because football should be like this. That when our supporters think about Liverpool, it should be difficult for them to avoid a smile. I think that's the moment in the moment and we had a lot of them in the past as well. Hopefully we can collect a lot of these moments in the future.

Can you describe how the development of the team makes you feel? As you say, it has been a journey...

Very, very good. Mostly in the beginning it was difficult. We came in five, six days before the first game. Everybody knows that it's not really possible to change something but on the other side, everybody is hoping for it anyway. If not after five days then after eight or nine for the next game and then [an] incredibly busy period started pretty much immediately in November, December, January, so it was of course difficult. The boys did really well, adapted really quick to the things we asked for. It was obviously a good team, it wasnít as people made it because of the situation in the table. It was not a miracle or whatever. But we went to two finals, so that was good and the first step. We had to implement a specific style of play Ė it was pretty wild, very aggressive, highest intensity and all that stuff. Then of course [it] settles step by step. The good thing is when you are a long-term manager in a club, you can make different steps and you can always learn from the last season and that's what we always did and the boys did as well. So yes, we made changes, we brought players in but not massively, rather punctual and we say, 'Here we need, here we need, here we need'. We have quite a good percentage of proper hits, I would say, I really like that. All the boys we brought in had a massive impact Ė not only quality-wise, characters are exceptional. We don't feel we are close before the end, we feel rather we are, max, not even halfway where we want to be. But yes, we adapted every year to the ways other teams faced us because in the beginning we were more or less a counter-pressing, counter-attacking team, we had to develop to a possession team without losing the strength in the other things that worked sometimes without any problems. Sometimes it took a while but, meanwhile, our possession, we are 100 per cent on the next level. So many things which we could work together on. It's like when you go on a pre-season and pre-seasons nowadays are really difficult because you don't have the group together. I think we had the full group together for like four days in the pre-season, which is absolutely crazy. If we then have a completely new team with six, seven, eight, nine players then you need a season to adapt. We needed a season to adapt but rather physically than tactically because we didn't change a lot of things obviously, we just wanted to make little steps in the right direction and that's possible with a group you work together with longer, that's what happened. And so far, so good.

Itís not just on the pitch that the club has developed, either. Off the pitch there has been the stadium expansion, the new training ground, everything is moving forward hereÖ

Thatís it. Thatís exactly what you need because being ready in the moment doesnít mean being ready in the future, thatís how it is. You should not only think about the past, you should not only think about the future, but you should not forget both of them. In this club I think nobody doubts how we love our history and our past, and we really like the present, but the future has to be bright as well. And yes, the club supports us, FSG supports us sensationally: building a new stand, planning another new stand, building a new training ground pretty much all in the same moment and building a new team [too], thatís incredible. If you would know them, and most of the people in the room know them, then they are fantastic people as well. Itís Mike, of course, who is first and foremost responsible for us here but also John and Tom when they heard about the agreement, we had phone calls and messages were exchanged and they are really with a full heart here at Liverpool. They donít live here but pretty much thatís the only thing they donít do, everything else is about LFC so thatís really cool and exactly what we need. We want to go, we had to go, to the Academy to bring it closer together because that will be our future. In the moment we have four fantastic players really close to the first team: Rhian Brewster, Curtis Jones, Harvey Elliott and Neco Williams, plus we have Caoimhin [Kelleher] as a goalkeeper. Thatís five boys who I would have no problem to line up tomorrow if needed. Curtis now had his first [Premier League] minutes and of course they have time as well to develop, but thatís four or five and we want to increase that number in the future. With Brexit and stuff like this then things will change, and for the youth departments as well Ė where can we get the players from? So these players need a perspective and they need to feel Ďif I go to Liverpool then I have the best chance compared to all the other top six clubsí, for example, to make my first steps in the Premier League. Thatís all very important and we are constantly thinking about Ďhow can we solve the problem today and tomorrow?í but we are also thinking always about Ďhow can this club look when we are not here anymore?í because this club is not only bigger than pretty much all other clubs, itís bigger than us for sure as well so it needs to have a bright future and we are all working on that.

Just a word on this current squad: itís a special group of players, isnít it?

Yeah, itís great to see. Yesterday we were at Alder Hey and I couldnít be more proud than in these moments when you see how the boys react in difficult moments. Iím 52 and itís difficult for me to face these kind of situations but you have really young boys and how they go there, they are just lovely people, itís really nice. But then on the other side they are proper warriors when we face the next opponent, thatís how it is and how it should be. We donít think that we are only close to our 100 per cent but we try to come closer and closer and closer. Thatís what we said after the Champions League final, after the first one, after the second one: this is not the final chapter for this team, there are a lot more to write and we want to be really influential in that. We donít know where it will lead us to, but in this moment... I donít know the teams before I came in, but itís one of the teams who are most committed to this club and itís really, really nice to be part of that.

Finally, for the fans watching this who have been on this journey with us so far, what would you say to them in regard to this news today?

Thank you! Thank you very much for each and every second since we are together here and letís just carry on. It was not too bad so far, letís try to make it even better in the future.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: JŁrgen Klopp
« Last post by Desert Red Fox on Today at 12:54:50 PM »
Beautiful news for such a dreary day (not only for you, UK peeps... my heart goes out to all of you).

JŁrgen Klopp was made for Liverpool and Liverpool was made for him. Illuminate and we will follow.

Liverpool FC Forum / Re: JŁrgen Klopp
« Last post by Spion Night, Holy Night on Today at 12:54:09 PM »
Seeing just how happy this man makes people, maybe he could lead the Labour party in his spare time.  ;D

Liverpool FC. Jurgen Klopp. I fucking love you all.
Thank god for Jurgen Klopp to take us through this next parliament
European Away forum / Re: Club World Cup
« Last post by Birdontheshirt on Today at 12:54:01 PM »
Called the club, I should receive an email in 24 hours for the semi and within 48 hours for the final. From Fifa and direct to lead booker....what could possible go wrong !!
Well our email re semi tickets didn't go to lead booker (purchase done on my lfc account and my credit card) but instead got sent to my son.  It's okay, but puzzled why not sent to lead booker.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: JŁrgen Klopp
« Last post by Kenny19 on Today at 12:53:44 PM »
Asif he knew that the vast majority of our fanbase needed a boost after tonightís results... fuckin get in there Jurgen I love you
Corbyn: Manifesto was great. It was Brexit.
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