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General Football and Sport / Re: 2017 Giro d'Italia. 5 May 28 May.
« Last post by redbyrdz on Today at 11:38:35 PM »
I always get the full stage here:

I blame Dave, he said it had been shut down.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: 2017/2018 Premier League Fixtures
« Last post by campioni on Today at 11:38:33 PM »
Brighton away is probably the worst starting fixture we can get imo.  Its awesome for the away fans but playing a recently promoted side on their turf is really hard because the players and the fans will be up for it.

EDIT: We want to play those sides in December because thats the month with most fixture congestion and hopefully FSG and Klopp have learened their lesson and we will be much stronger is depth for the next season.

Unbelievably selfish of me to want a few days by the seaside in the summer watching the reds. Can we play them in May instead, or would that be too difficult for us as they'll be fighting relegation?  ::)
Today was proper exciting and I thought it was going to be boring until the last climb.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Daniel Sturridge
« Last post by sms1986, please? Thanks! on Today at 11:36:37 PM »
Ben Smith thinks he will leave?

Is he normally reliable when it comes to Liverpool?
Last 11km:

The title gives quite a bit away, and there's a lot of stuff splashed across the stream, but it's the longest I could find that was watchable.
I always get the full stage here:
News and Current Affairs / Re: Incident at Manchester Arena
« Last post by Zeb on Today at 11:36:23 PM »
Just read about a fella who got 15 years for leaving a bomb on the tube. I'm curious to know what happens to these people after they serve their sentence. This fella is 20, so as the norm with our law he could be out in 10 years making more bombs. Is that the way it is with these c*nts? Because it's a bit different to say someone who commits murder FOR A REASON, if that makes sense, serves his Time then comes out.

Said murderer Might kill some one again but they most probably had reasons, although fucked up, but still reasons or motive. Point is these horrible bastards will forever have reason/motives. So what happens when they serve said time, anyone know?

Currently (under Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015), for the first year out after serving a sentence for a terrorism offence (no early release) the person is only out on licence. So restrictions possible via Probation Service. After that, it falls back solely onto police and security services to monitor as they can.
I keep reading news linking us to Sampdoria's Czech forward Patrick Schick, i wonder if any truth behind that. Also, did anyone here ever see him play?

He's going to be very good. Decent height and speed, impeccable footwork
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Daniel Sturridge
« Last post by Bander on Today at 11:33:58 PM »
The Boozer / Re: Without Realizing Who You Are ...
« Last post by a fuckin idiot on Today at 11:33:02 PM »
You were born happy mate.

What happened?
Disagree kesey mate.

I was born capable of happiness and still am. The natural state of a child is to be. Not to try to be one thing. Just to be.

Still a work in progress :)

Ps, for me, being put into care as a baby, abuse, poverty, racism meant it's been a long road back. But a road less traveled...
Annual Silly Season Hot Air Transfer Saga / Re: Van Dijk (Southampton)
« Last post by Filler. on Today at 11:31:26 PM »
What if the CB we bring in takes 20 off our goals conceded total, same thing, no?

Roald Dahl's BFG you mean?

50m is fucking bat shit crazy. But then we're wondering if Oxlaide Chamberlain is worth 20-25 in the last year of his contract, which, as basic, sort of means he's worth 50m too. That's mental. We do have to get our heads around these numbers very quickly. Others are doing it. Others HAVE done it already. Christ... we've done it.

If Klopp wants him... if he's got his eyes on 2 or 3 this summer which I think he does, then sow it up. He'd get a prime gig.

What irritates me, is that we didn't do what Southampton did. i.e,, spotted a player. But needs must perhaps. 50 for Bonucci tho and there's no debate. BUT... fat fuck off BUT... maybe he'll be that boss we've missed since Hyypia. Who of course, cost 1.5m?
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