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Hodgson always manages to keep his teams up by the skin of their teeth.

Is that true though?

2018-19 (CP) - 15 points from the relegation zone
2017-18 (CP) - 11 points from the relegation zone
2011-12 (WB) - 11 points from the relegation zone
2009-10 (FFC) - 16 points from the relegation zone
2008-09 (FFC) - 19 points from the relegation zone (qualified for Europa)
2007-08 (FFC) - 0 points from relegation (stayed up on goal difference, had half a season, were 2 points from safety when he took over)

Hodgson has a reputation as a relegation battler for some reason, but he is actually a perfect mid-table manager, who gets his teams to middle of the pack over the course of a season.
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If oxlade and Keita reach their level we will have much better options from midfield, we have the workmen but the touch of class could elevate our team
Get in Jof!!!!!

Another chance to tell Warner to fuck off and it's glorious ;D
Always happy to see Warner out early.

concussion sub count as an official cap if they can bat and bowl?
Any streams for this :)
Been switching between these two:
Itís fun working out which member of the old boys club itíll be when he does inevitably get sacked in the next month or two.

I reckon Martin OíNeill

now that's a progressive change.

progressively worse ;D
Congrats to Sheffield United, unbeaten so far !
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