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Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Our fantastic away support
« Last post by nozza on Today at 03:30:57 AM »
If the club had any idea they would offer all the loyal way fans an option to sit together where they want inside Anfield.
General Football and Sport / Re: The NFL Thread
« Last post by Claus on Today at 03:28:05 AM »
My guess is it will be region locked.
Fuck me it's depressing in here.  I'm not too arsed about the League Cup defeat, think we should have won it but were more focussed on this weekend's match wioth the changes at half-time proving that.

Come on you Reds!  We'll take our chances this weekend.  I think Hendo is due a spell, hoping to see midfield including Coutinho and then I guess the only choice is AOC or Sturridge in the front 3.  I'd opt for Oxo at this stage, because I think we need Firmino through the middle and two runners either side to press.

HIgh intensity display, get a goal or two early then crush them when they are forced to come out and play!  4-1 to us, Salah with a couple, Bobby and AOC.

News and Current Affairs / Re: The Tiny Handed Dipshit.
« Last post by Zeb on Today at 03:01:19 AM »

That second one....well it's exactly what the URL promises. Private briefings to one of Putin's arms from the guy in charge of the next president of the United States.  Not talking among old friends or business acquaintances. Offering up meetings to brief Russian govt

Reminds me of all the former federal prosecutors who've been saying 'this is looking like an organised crime investigation'. You've got the campaign chairman offering quid for Russian hacking quo. That's looking a lot like a conspiracy into which the likes of Cohen, Flynn, Kushner, and Don jnr can also be swept up into. Wonder how many pardons Trump is already considering issuing...
by the way, I seen a toon, called I am purple aki lol, anyone on here want to take the credit
The Boozer / Re: The Aussie Thread
« Last post by Gerrvindh on Today at 02:42:26 AM »
What are your occupations mate (if you don't mind me asking)?

Don't mind at all mate. I'm a data analyst and the wife is in market research.

I haven't lived in Sydney, so you're best off asking someone that lives there. I've just visited many times and love the place. I do know that the commute into the CBD can be a bitch and driving isn't an option. So look for a place with decent public transport.

Thanks once again! Yes, I've heard things about the commute, will have to keep that in mind.
Liverpool FC Forum / Liverpool's Midfield
« Last post by Egyptian36 on Today at 02:32:28 AM »
My three would be Weigl, Fabinho, Saul in that order. Jorginho for something more Alonso like back there.

Babu whats is your opinion on Lobotka ?

He seems perfect to play Hendo role. He is short but very intelligent defensively and aggressive reminds me of Masch but also he has natural composure on the ball, he doesn’t panic when pressed which is amazing considering how young he is and always makes himself available for a pass.. Maybe I am overrating him so would love to know your opinion
Agreed - It's really odd to me.
There's stuff to criticise of course - but then there always is - this isn't player or performance criticism this is whole sale negativity massively out of proportion for what's happening on the pitch or in general with the club.

It smacks of a huge sense of entitlement. We didn't spend 200 million quid and we haven't won every game and its toys out of pram and through the manager under the bus time.

It's a tough one. I definitely condemn any opinion that thinks Klopp is anywhere near the door, or should be near the door. But, it's hard because the problems Liverpool have right now are the same problems we've had for a very long time, well before the current manager. I think not achieving is always frustrating for a fan base like ours, because the expectations are so high, but when it feels like Groundhog Day, and things weren't addressed in the summer, when you can see it coming as a fan from a mile away, that's what is tough to take. The problems we're having now are ones we've known about for years. I think that's why there's been such a frustration. I'm always of the mindset that you can't judge anything until the end of a season. Losses now seem pivotal, but they may not turn out to be. And vice versa, wins that seem massive at the time, can be not as important by the end. City last Christmas the most recent example of that. We're in a tough patch and I can see why fans are angry, but we've got to ride it and trust the manager. Such early days. Lets see what Leicester brings and take it from there.
This is a private forum, people don't have a "right" to post whatever they want here simply because it's their opinion. It's not in the least embarrassing to ask people to wind their necks in when they talk absolute shite.

I'm giving you my opinion, whether you like it or not. I think that anyone who thinks that Klopp should be sacked at this point is a f*cking idiot. The bit that makes me think that someone wanting him to be sacked isn't a supporter is in the word "support". If you want to get rid of a top class manager after less than two years, who took a demoralised and poorly performing team to two cup finals in his first half-season and followed that up with our second CL qualification in 7 years, just because we've had a pretty poor September, then you are not "supporting" anyone. It's idiocy like this that gets Rafa Benitezs sacked and Roy Hodgsons installed.

I didn't say people have the 'right' to post whatever they want. I just don't agree with asking for bans because you don't like an opinion. As long as it's not abuse what's the issue?

I also agree wholeheartedly with your second paragraph.

I've stated recently that I'd like to see out his 6 year contract at least, regardless of what happens this season or next. He's defo the right man for us.
Fully expect us to do these Saturday now. Klopp will demand a reaction and I think he'll get it. Salah and Coutinho to steal the show, Firmino with a goal.

Someones in for a killing soon, let's hope it's this Saturday.
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