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Gaming Board for consoles, PC & mobile / Re: Xbox
« Last post by bailey90 on Today at 07:33:48 pm »
Starfield confirmed as an Xbox exclusive, a shame for PS owners, release date 11th November 2022.

Yeah that sucks. Going to have to get it on PC now.
Are we getting this Newhouse guy?
Hopefully we buy him outright, wasn't co-ownership banned by UEFA?
My Ukrainian bird died in kayaking accident near Sebastopol - every time I hear that song Crimea River........

Well you started it.
Heh. Starmer was criticising those who booed players taking a knee six months ago. May have got lost at the time in LBC letting through neonazi callers to have 'a heated debate'.
The Boozer / Re: The RAWK Gardening Thread. (All Questions Answered)
« Last post by Red-Soldier on Today at 07:31:00 pm »
For a few years now, I've been trying to turn my front lawn into a Wild flower meadow

Every year it fails, and I just end up with waist high grass and the neighbours looking at it in horror.

At least this year around the edges of the lawn I have some Buttercups and forget-me-nots and a couple more that I'm not sure what they are growing

So tomorrow I'm going to strim down all the tall grass, leaving as many of the flowers I can,  then rake all the cutting up and then cover it will Weed  Control  fabric and hopefully by the Autumn when I remove it a lot of the grass will be dead, so I can seed some Yellow rattle and wild flower seeds that will come up in the Spring hopefully 4th time lucky.

I wish a TV would do a 4 part series or something on growing a wild flower mesdow from start

Mine is 2 years on from it's first sowing, and it's starting to look great.  I know a lot about grassland management, so I'll try and help you out.  :thumbup
Timber Dumfries sounds like an American Basketball franchise

The Seattle Timber Dumfries?
General Football and Sport / Re: The 2021 Formula 1 thread
« Last post by voodoo ray on Today at 07:30:10 pm »
apparently marcus fucking ericsson won an indycar race yesterday. I presume everyone else was DNF
Timber and Dumfries in defense for the Dutch. Put that together to make Timber Dumfries and you have a proper Dutch name.
Timber Dumfries sounds like an American Basketball franchise
Media and Arts / Re: The Grand Tour - Clarkson, Hammond and May
« Last post by TepidT2O on Today at 07:29:56 pm »
Kaleb is so like the farming kids I went to school with it’s untrue….

Netanyahu is finally ousted.

The days events described in this thread:
Some good news at least
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