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It's come directly from the club ... pretty obvious

Even if so, doesn't necessarily make it 'true'. If we have a sufficient agenda to leak it, you could argue we also have a sufficient agenda to spin it...especially as none if it is really verifiable.

I seem to recall the that the Echo initially reported for the Salah transfer (reported as information sourced from the club) - and most other media outlets picked up - was incorrect.  So we have precedent in misreporting figures to suit our agenda.
Leroy Fer strikes again

Shit shit player

[You may have an iPhone but you are still using the free version of Tapatalk and spamming us with that knowledge]
I hate to be a negative brat, but that defence and midfield couldn't get any more average. Still, gonna support the lads. Come on redmen!
Not average. It's solid and disciplined but better than majority of midfields in the league. Not average.
Give them the title now lads.
Can't we just tell them we'll take a straight swap for both Suarez and Pique or something? coz clearly CLEARLY, we're not interested in selling...
Must win this,  with Arsenal and City to follow we really could be playing catch up.

Yeah because we only have 37 games to play.

Fuck me.
Honestly, there's literally 100,000 posts on this topic. It'd be nice to discuss the quality we do have for the upcoming three hours or so.

Fine. Salah to win it off the bench.
It's incredible how dull United look next to Swansea. Last week some sections of the media were asking the FA to hand them the league already.

Swansea are sure to go down though. Survived by the skin of their teeth last year, now with the key player sold I'm already not seeing a way for them to keep up.
Hopefully they come and play, De Boer seems stubborn as fuck so I actually think they might in which case our front 3 should get loads of joy.
The general consensus last year was "we would have beaten that mid table team at home if Sturridge was available."

Lets see...
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