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Bo, Im pretty drunk here but I think I only scored 2 points in CJ Cup.

Cheers, corrected now.
I'm sure everything negative that can be said about that performance has been said already, so let me add something positive. Oxlade roasted his man a number of times, really looking forward to seeing him doing that regularly. Hopefully he has a defense behind him that can actually defend. I don't want to complain, I want to trust Klopp that the defense is as good as he thinks it is, but it's hard after days like today.
I would like LFC to be owned by super rich ambitious people that like to compete and that hate to lose because it hurts their pride.

I know that whenever we lose it hurts my pride and it chews my guts and I want owners that go all out to win the league title.

I get the feeling that our present owners simply want to grow the asset to keep more bums on seats. - They see staying somewhere close to 4th place and a few crappy cup runs as being good being enough for them, therefore, they only invest enough to keep the asset solvent and some of the fans interested.

I like the idea of being owned by members of an Arab Royal Family since they are honourable, rich and very competitive and it would hurt their pride if we did not succeed.

Sounds like you gotta be a man, you can't let it slide.
FSG's fault that Klopp thought that no CB in world football was better than Lovren. We had 35 million we spent on AOC right? No CB for 35 million, 120 k a week better than ******* Lovren?

Klopp is great but he is one stubborn fucker. There's a big boom going on right up his arse right now though. We watched other CB's 500 times. Were you high when you did that mate? Jonny Evans looks like Maldini compared to our set of clowns in defense.

How the hell is Henderson anywhere near a Liverpool shirt? Good pro yes. But that's it. Bang average. Stoke City level player. Rather have kept Allen. At least Allen can turn under pressure and not pass it straight to the opposition and run around like a deluded brainless chicken. Not a leader. "Good at pressing"? No. He's good at running. That's it. Harry Winks is a better and more composed CM than him.

Firmino runs around a lot. Great. 2 goals in 9 games. We're trying to win the league?

Is this a fucking charity or a competitive football club?

Get Lovren, Mignolet, Henderson the fuck out of here. Average players who have had hundreds of chances now. And guess what? The teams bidding for them when they're up for sale will be West Brom and Watford. No no, why don't we just sign Phil Jones and make him captain.

Twice the footballer our current captain is. Shambolic. Same old cowards doing the same old shit they've been doing for years.
Media and Arts / Re: WWE/Other Wrestling Thread
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First WWE matches I've seen since Mania, AJ/Finn was good the main was something else. I loved it, I'm assuming nobody else in here did though.
General Football and Sport / Re: The NFL Thread
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Remember when the Falcons were good
General Football and Sport / Re: The NFL Thread
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Coach should have been binned long ago. That's a talented roster.

Marvin Lewis has something incriminating on the owner otherwise he'd have been fired after the 2015 season, also looks like the Burfict could be in trouble again as appears to kick Steelers player in the head while on ground.
That just felt like shit. A grey faced Klopp at the end of the game. Like someone bullied him for 90 mins. Terrible. It was his Suarez Palace moment. Utter shame.

The way I see it, no point blaming summer inactivity. What is done is done. The road ahead is a bit hard but not impossible to climb.

I would start with changes:

Start Karius in place of Migs - terrible decisions which have cost us.

- Give Lovren the rest he deserves for all his painkillers will stop. Why is he being played if knackered? - Play Gomez as CB.

- Hendo cant be a DM, he is good looking out for the passes which split defences like he did for the goal. I would give Grujic a chance as a DM and start hendo in place of Can - no real skill for grabbing the game by the balls. absolute squad player. better fucked off to Italy.

- start sturridge and firmino together , as Firmino is no Aubameyang. He needs support. start coutinho center diamond.

- That should do till January.

-- *sigh*
Honestly, an above average PL keeper with a back four of Clyne-Matip-(above average PL CB)-Moreno would see us walk into the top four. And we didn't buy that in the summer.
After viewing Klopp's post match - he is very angry about the this defeat. More so than the others where we shipped a lot of goals. Let's hope we see some concrete actions being taken to try to change things around.
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