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As we head to Kiev it seems the there is something in the air..........

Wow, well done.....very passionate.
General Football and Sport / Re: Chelsea Football Circus
« Last post by Jacob Rees-Mogg on Today at 10:06:42 AM »
It's a joke that he will probably be sacked, but I think it's his own downfall really. The guy has been miserable all season and attacking the people who employ him all season.

A bit obvious he was unhappy with the way the transfer window was done, rightly so I  think - selling matic, buying barkley, going after carrol - all very bizarre transfers.

But obvously like any job, if you start calling out the owners/people who run the business, its very hard to keep your job, especially when you fail.
For me he is doing everything to win, and that included having the balls to call his bosses out in public if he thinks their actions are preventing him from winning, many would just pick up the paycheck and keep it silent - but like Rafa when he called out the yanks some managers just care about winning more than easy money. For some reason the British media have it in for him, same as they had it in for Rafa - constantly undermining and questioning his methods, if it had been St Hodgson who won the league and FA cup they wouldn't stop singing his praises.

I personally liked the way he calls the board out when he doesn't get his first choice players, I like the way he called the board out to sort Cortois contract out faster.

Jermaine Jenas said him calling out the board for wanting better players will demotivate the existing ones - and I thought that's the problem with Jenas - Conte is probably trying to weed out the Jenas's in his team. Instead of rising to the challenge to prove their boss wrong and show him that he doesn't need to recruit new players they just whine and feel entitled.
The Boozer / Re: The Teachers' Thread
« Last post by cornishscouser92 on Today at 10:06:30 AM »
And that's why th profession is a disgrace at the moment.

I am a mentor to a student teacher in our department currently. Last week she got an email to say Ofsted are coming to watch a few trainees from her Uni to inspect whether their uni has given them suitable training. The lesson visit is scheduled for the last Friday of this term in the afternoon. Her uni then told her she needed to have about a million pieces of nonsense evidence in her folder for when the inspector comes. She hasn't even started her career and that's the level of needless pressure.

This through LJMU?
Media and Arts / Re: The RAWK Film Thread
« Last post by RedSince86 on Today at 10:05:20 AM »
Watched Cargo last night on Netflix.

It's a post apocalyptic zombie flick based in  the Australia outback with Martin Freeman.

Not a bad.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Loris Karius
« Last post by Clint Eastwood on Today at 10:04:52 AM »
Fuck sake, I had Pickford and Butland the other way round then switched...

So Butland is shite.

I'd go with Pope, Pickford and then Hart from a purely team morale and experience perspective. He wouldn't play.
One of these windows Jose will sign those 4 players he needs to challenge for the title......
Another Rampant Seasonal Exchange / Re: Accountancy thread...
« Last post by JackWard33 on Today at 09:58:07 AM »

If Liverpool beat Real Madrid, they will end up with 82.7m euros (£72.3m). Lose, and they'll be awarded 78.2m euros (£68.4m).

It's the 3.9 million quid showdown..... !!!
See here's the thing that I can never understand with Mourinho.  What player/players has he seriously improved since he's been at Utd?  Or any team to that point ? You look at Klopp, Pep, Pochetino and the improvement in Mane, Lallana, Robertson, Firmino, Kane, Ali, Eriksen, Sane, De Bruyne, Otamendi etc etc - take your pick.  Is there any Utd players who have made such big strides under Mourinho ?  Rashford, MArtial, Sanchez, Mata, Pogba - they've all gotten worse if anything.  The very definition of a cheque book manager if ever there was one. Fraud.
General Football and Sport / Re: Chelsea Football Circus
« Last post by stevensr123 on Today at 09:57:49 AM »
That's gonna turn away potential owners when they have a 1 billion pound bill to settle.

They will need state ownership like PSG and City who will have no qualms settling that bill while spending close to another billion on a new stadium.

I'd be worried if i was a Chelsea fan that Abramovich gets this visa and he still has interest in the club,a future post Abramovich doesn't look quite healthy.
Would be interesting if he actual called in the 1 billion pound bill. It would be pretty much impossible to get his money back, so I can see him just writing the debt off and taking any money from any sale.

But when is the last time a club was bought for mega money anyway? I just don't see Billionaires lining up to buy clubs for the type of prices being mooted.
Media and Arts / Re: The RAWK Film Thread
« Last post by Andy @ Allerton on Today at 09:55:59 AM »
Saw Lost in Translation last night. What a great film.
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