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News and Current Affairs / Re: TORY PARTIES THREAD
« Last post by Wabaloolah on Today at 12:58:22 pm »

Stop being a thread closing prick
that's why I put it in spoilers dick
News and Current Affairs / Re: TORY PARTIES THREAD
« Last post by RainbowFlick on Today at 12:57:56 pm »
ending restrictions seems to be BoZo's last little lurrah for drumming up some public support.

no wonder jVT quit.
News and Current Affairs / Re: TORY PARTIES THREAD
« Last post by Kenny's Jacket on Today at 12:57:17 pm »
as a new MP had he voted against government policy it would have been likely that he would quickly have had the whip withdrawn and would have had to sit as an independent. It's just not realistic to expect an MP to not vote on party lines unless your name is
Jeremy Corbyn of course

Stop being a thread closing prick
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Youth and Under 23 Thread
« Last post by Thepooloflife on Today at 12:57:16 pm »
What a dreadful tackle that was on Musialowski, in a lot of pain hope he's okay.
That should have been red imo.....ref give him the benefit. Thankfully Musialowski seemed ok afterwards.
Spare a thought for me. I had to carry the burden of being called Big Dick Nick for several years.

Was the dishonesty wearing on your conscience?
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Peter Robinson has passed away
« Last post by Stubbins on Today at 12:56:37 pm »
Very sad news. You always felt that the club was in safe hands with Peter Robinson. We rarely talked about the owners or the 'men in suits' back then. What a stalwart he was.

RIP Peter.
General Football and Sport / Re: Chelsea Football Circus
« Last post by sinnermichael on Today at 12:55:48 pm »
Didn't Shearer give them the title in October...............?

7 of 20 BBC pundits had them winning the league at the start of the season. Guarantee all those 7 would have gone for City before Lukaku signed. He was "the final piece of the jigsaw" apparently.
News and Current Affairs / Re: TORY PARTIES THREAD
« Last post by Elmo! on Today at 12:55:16 pm »
David Davis probably the biggest name so far to openly call for Johnson to go.

Douglas Ross dislikes this.
General Football and Sport / Re: Ragy hasn't got a Scooby
« Last post by newterp on Today at 12:55:00 pm »
As noted above - Maguire is absolutely shot.

He was a bang average defender when he was purchased - I don't even understand how he even was placed in the same conversation as VVD.

No way that Leicester was getting more than 35-40m for him if they sold - and I don't really think they had any intention of selling.

Enter, United.

Desperate to cure all their woes because they saw Liverpool do it with VVD (as if that was the only piece of the puzzle). They decided that Maguire was the man and they had to have him.

Leicester said thanks - well if you value him in the same bracket as VVD - you will be willing to pay that amount.

United does as United does (probably a touch of nostalgia also thinking he was their next Rio Ferdinand).

And because United signed him, the lap dog media and sychophants started to play up Maguire as some cultured, ball-playing, aerially dominant CB that was the best English CB of his generation and a top CB in the world. In truth, he's good in air and average in all other respects - ponderously slow, an average passer, and his dribbling...well.

I mean most of us knew this beforehand. The power of the media and fans with two-brain cells, eh?
Ticket and Travel Info / Re: Members Sales
« Last post by kingluisgarcia on Today at 12:53:07 pm »
Just tried to grab a Cardiff ticket... surely they can't be gone already?
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