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Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Pre-match thread: Manchester United vs Liverpool
« Last post by Saus76 on Today at 10:50:47 pm »
They are in alot worse shape than us and the pressure on them will be immense. Get an early goal and their fans will turn and we could win big again. A return to type with Bobby, Salah and Diaz up front with Keita alongside Henderson and Fab.
General Football and Sport / Re: LIVERPOOL TRANSFER THREAD
« Last post by Agent99 on Today at 10:50:12 pm »
Melissa Reddy mentioned on the transfer show, today,  that one of our long term targets that we're keeping a watching brief on is Enzo Fernandez.

He joined Benfica this summer.
Welcome to Liverpool!

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Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Liverpool's Midfield
« Last post by Dave McCoy on Today at 10:49:11 pm »
We signed Thiago well after Trent and Robbo became mainstays.

If things change - shouldn't we also be changing the personnel to fit?

Thiago and Keita aren't the same, I don't really agree with this premise.
Media and Arts / Re: The Dead Actors Tribute Thread
« Last post by Lastrador on Today at 10:48:07 pm »
I actually thought that was a movie title and had to look it up   ;D

Yes indeed, that was a cool one as well, wow, takes me back.

To be fair, he supposedly has the head of a lion. The fucker looks like a dog to me though. ;D

Yep: for 4.25 Billion.  Heard a Certain Class of 92 player gave advice to Sir Rat-on-cliff going by the name of Gary "Socialism for me, not for thee" Neville. Also, I heard Rio Ferdinand is there will become Director of Football with 11 Blank Checks signing Mbappe and the Galacticos. "We are Man Utd, we do what we want".
Isn't that sort of thing breaching FFP rules? (whatever rules they actually enforce)

I mean they're all just going to do what City did- having set the precedent, but still.. there would be some sort of financial checks and balances regardless of the Sugar Daddy.

Anyway, can't stop laughing at these gushing over the billionaires taking the piss out of them! L0L! ;D

Elon Musk? Radcliffe? In ya dreams! They're trolling... using the publicity.
I liked living in America. And yes, they are generally a friendly bunch. But there is, of course, the world of difference between visiting somewhere as tourist and living there. Especially if disadvantaged (which I was not). I saw some pretty dreadful poverty when I lived there - people, for example, living in actual ramshackle shacks in the baking sun. There are plenty of areas in the US which look like third-world countries.

This is so true. I lived in New York for a number of years and still visit frequently. I remember taking the train from NYC down to Washington DC a few years back. I thought going from Manhattan to New Jersey was a contrast, but fuck me, the further south you go into Maryland and Pennsylvania, the more decrepit the scenery gets. I remember passing the outskirts of Philadelphia and seeing what looked like a giant deserted scrap yard filled with make shift tin shacks. People were actually living in them, like some sort of metal slum made from abandoned cars. Also saw a few people sleeping under bridges right next to the train tracks, some of them stood around make shift fires in oil drums trying to keep warm. It was actually pretty disturbing to look at. There was also quite a few deserted farm yards and towns you wouldn't see in horror movies. Make no mistake, outside of the main cities, there are parts of that country that are absolutely third world and below   
The Boozer / Re: Things you find..weird
« Last post by Armand9 on Today at 10:45:38 pm »
whats weird is that I like Farenheit for when it warm, thinking that 70's and 80's is a nice day

but for cold I like centigrade with everything referenced to 0C

im exactly the same

C doesn't nail warm temps for me, only ballparks it, F nails it

reverse is true when dealing with cold temps
News and Current Affairs / Re: The Future Of Britain
« Last post by thejbs on Today at 10:44:00 pm »
There is this natural assumption that everyone in Scotland wants Independence, which I can categorically say isn't true. The last referendum was tight but the majority voted to stay, kinda speaks for itself. The Tory twats have not helped but Sturgeon has pulled many cards out to win votes, like lowered the voting age.

SNP support isn't all about independence, many of those that are are very snide and nasty about it, but that's modern politics I guess.

My Scottish friends and family were mostly no votes at the last referendum and now every single one wants independence. The chief reasons I hear from them are Brexit and the Tories. They feel like the promises of the last referendum werenít kept. And their kids (early 20s) are overtly political and fervently pro-independence.

Cost of living crisis will only give independence more traction. Hard to convince people to remain in a union where you canít afford to keep warm but oil companies record record profit.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Liverpool's Midfield
« Last post by rossipersempre on Today at 10:43:53 pm »
We are already using him as a midfielder since last season. It's the perfect role to take advantage of his strengths. We just need the two deep midfielders to be physically stronger and quicker especially Fabinho who we may need to replace if we continue with this set-up.
:o ::)
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