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Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Naby Keita Watch
« Last post by robertobaggio37 on Today at 11:02:53 pm »
He’ll likely want more than what he’s currently on looking for what, 4, 5 year deal? Can’t imagine he’d take pay cut and we’d be nuts to give him one. Sell him if there are any buyers or let him leave for free otherwise we’ll be stuck with him for the foreseeable future while being on some hefty wages.
Ticket and Travel Info / Re: Members Sales
« Last post by swoopy on Today at 10:59:41 pm »
so the QR refreshing thing was a load of crap too was it?

No. Andoird's refresh every 15 / 30 seconds.
iOS there seems to be a way to turn off refreshing!
Media and Arts / Re: Awesome documentaries thread
« Last post by stoa on Today at 10:58:35 pm »
Thought the Woodstock '99 doco was terrific. Of the promoters, Michael Lang comes across as a delusional, out-of-touch hippy and John Scher like the face of corrupt capitalism. The footage was great, the interviews with the crew and the media people were superb and I liked the fans they spoke to, at least one of which had clearly been definitely knee deep in the rioting.

Yeah, liked the people they got to talk to except that one lady who was there at the age of 14 or so and who's now working as a PR person or something like that. She was very annoying and didn't have really anything to say...
General Football and Sport / Re: LIVERPOOL TRANSFER THREAD
« Last post by rossipersempre on Today at 10:58:31 pm »
So if he extends, you're sticking to your guns and saying he's here by default?
If - and its a massive flashing neon IF at this point - he’s offered and signs an extension, it’ll be primarily to secure his value when eventually a suitor comes, and we’ve found an upgrade.
News and Current Affairs / Re: Can Privatisation Work?
« Last post by John C on Today at 10:58:22 pm »
You obviously shouldn't cut a route for not being profitable but below a certain occupancy rate then surely decisions need to be made.

There have been a few articles recently about these on demand mini bus type rideshares where there is a semi fixed route but the bus only stops if booked at that stop (a stop being an area of a couple of roads I believe rather than a fixed point) and apparently these are proving quite popular.

I think there may have been something in Speke like this?
We mustn't conflate bus routes (routes being the word Killie used) with demand responsive transport (demand being the word you used). They are two entirely different types of service.
Cutting routes can impact and isolate people, particularly with low income, who may otherwise not be able to travel without a bus service.
I do agree that demand responsive transport could easily be reviewed albeit the people that use that service are often (eligible) vulnerable and disabled. Merseytravels Merseylink (dial-a-ride services) is a good example of inefficiency, they use 16-seat accessible vehicles which generally carry one, maximum two people at a time door-to-door. Its not a good use of resources and there are lower-cost ways of delivering a demand responsive service such as taxis or smaller vehicles. (putting aside the the change in the taxi market since Covid as drivers don't seem to want contract work as much).
Don't think I have mate. I think I have only seen the director's cut. Although I generally prefer theatrical to director cuts, I think they are better-paced and less self-indulgent, I mostly hate voiceovers, so doubt I will like that one though.
General Football and Sport / Re: Boxing thread
« Last post by Fordy on Today at 10:57:09 pm »
What time's the ring walk Samie ?

Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Naby Keita Watch
« Last post by MonsLibpool on Today at 10:55:42 pm »
It’s not necessarily anyone’s fault but I’m thinking wrong time wrong place, if someone comes in it may be better for all parties.
He's taking the piss after four injury-ridden and inconsistent seasons.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Naby Keita Watch
« Last post by newterp on Today at 10:54:17 pm »
More that he couldn't get on off the bench against Palace during a midfield crisis with Ox, Jones and Thiago all injured and Hendo not fit to start. Hendo comes on off the bench, Carvalho comes on off the bench and 36 year old Milner starts. 2 days later and it's briefed that he won't be signing a contract and he's not happy.

It didn't say he won't be signing a contract.
Thiago, Jones, Bobby, Jota, Matip and Ox - they will always struggle with injuries unfortunately.

You've left the worst of the lot out…Keita! 
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