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Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Naby Keita Watch
« Last post by Classycara on Today at 11:08:58 pm »
He's taking the piss after four injury-ridden and inconsistent seasons.

You must have absolutely despised Oxlade Chamberlain for getting a new contract while extra inconsistent during his recovery from the horrific ligament injuries, the piss-taker
Gary Neville's

I want this man to be no more
Seeing the Airbus Beluga flying.
I've only seen it twice, once when I was quite young. Thought it was an airship at the time, very strange looking machine.
You've left the worst of the lot out…Keita! 
Is he the worst of the lot? I know lots of people have decided that he is. But what are the facts?

Last season he was pretty much fit all the way through, and in previous seasons as well there have been long periods when he's been fit but not always used.

It's very easy to give a dog a bad name but pro rata has he been injured more often, and for longer, than all the other players?

Who is the "worst of the lot"? I'm sure there are stats sites that record this kind of info, if anyone who uses them can check?

Even with a home crowd behind them, and it essentially being their biggest fixture of the season, I still can't see them mustering the luck or guile to outscore us

Even in third gear, we're still a notoriously hard team to beat. Our current unbeaten streak proves that

We'll put 2 or 3 past these easily. No amount of home support changes the fact they're an absolute shambles defensively
The Boozer / Re: The small things in life that make you happy
« Last post by reddebs on Today at 11:06:12 pm »
Just checked the data from my watch app for the year. 

My daily averages are

7.5-8hrs sleep.

I'm relaxed for more than 80% of the day.

Over 8000 steps walking.

Resting heart rate of 55.

I just need to do some proper excercise and I might just get fit again.
General Football and Sport / Re: LIVERPOOL TRANSFER THREAD
« Last post by Classycara on Today at 11:05:55 pm »
If - and its a massive flashing neon IF at this point - he’s offered and signs an extension, it’ll be primarily to secure his value when eventually a suitor comes, and we’ve found an upgrade.

Okey dokey, that should cover the bases.

But those of us who thought Keita's performances when playing last season were good were retconning? Wondering now if theres a word for a proactive version of retconning, before the event
General Football and Sport / Re: THE NON-LIVERPOOL TRANSFER THREAD
« Last post by Lastrador on Today at 11:04:13 pm »
Keita isn't a striker though? Anyway, I'm sorry to have accidentally led to beef between you two.

Yes, I know. That's why I said it was an "utterly ridiculous and irrelevant example.".

Don't sweat it mate, you had nothing to do with his response.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Naby Keita Watch
« Last post by robertobaggio37 on Today at 11:02:53 pm »
He’ll likely want more than what he’s currently on looking for what, 4, 5 year deal? Can’t imagine he’d take pay cut and we’d be nuts to give him one. Sell him if there are any buyers or let him leave for free otherwise we’ll be stuck with him for the foreseeable future while being on some hefty wages.
Ticket and Travel Info / Re: Members Sales
« Last post by swoopy on Today at 10:59:41 pm »
so the QR refreshing thing was a load of crap too was it?

No. Andoird's refresh every 15 / 30 seconds.
iOS there seems to be a way to turn off refreshing!
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