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Asam said he's rather have 2 players like Jota than 5/6 who aren't available.  No one said to want to buy 5/6 players for the first team.  That's why Craig mentioned two players (and used Jota's 45 million as a benchmark).

So he did. That makes no sense though. So 2 that can make a difference. Well what's his problem with Shaq then when you can look at 2 players only to make a difference.

Point is Shaq does make a difference but if someone comes in with 12-15m offer we would consider it because we would make 4m+ profit. IF they don't and Shaq wants to stay then he will stay. That simple really.

I would rather sale Keita who cost 50m approx and makes no difference at all but then again suppose he can be another one not part of the 2 that can just sit there.
Clearly it's bloody not yours.

If you are looking for 5-6 players that want to get into the first time then you looking at a lowest point of 30m.

5 x 30 is 150m.

Where has your 2 x 45 come from?

Reading AND maths, Fordy man I expect better from you.

Finland, Hungary, N. Macedonia all to score under 1.5 goals at 20/1 - Hungary in the toughest group by far, but the other 2 should struggle in their groups also. Hopefully all 3 lose all 3 games to nil.

Hungary and Finland to score 0 points, N. Macedonia and Slovakia to finish bottom of their groups at 22/1 - An iffy one, but worth it at those odds

Belgium to win all their matches and Hungary to lose all their matches at 10/1 - Can't see Hungary getting anything from Portugal, France or Germany, so this should all rest on Belgium winning their 3 games.

Finland are dickheads
Nathan Astle?

The other batsman was indeed Nathan Astle, who is better remembered for his 222. The only time that a 100 run victory with plenty of time left could be called nail-biting.
Why am I reading shit in the telegraph saying that ministers fear we have 6 weeks to open up or risk having restrictions till next spring
It's not about how many games he played, it's how much time he missed due to injury that would have helped him settle quicker and better, that made the settling part far more difficult than what it would have been otherwise. He also didn't have a pre-season with us. All the things that Gini won't need to deal with.

Being a full international doesn't mean you're a top class player. There's a shit loads of players who are full internationals but average players, either because they're inconsistent or because they're past it.

He's better than Herrera who is past it, [not called up for Spain] better than Sarabia, who prefers playing out wide than he does playing in the middle of the park, better than Idrisa Gueye, better than Paredes who isn't even a regular starter, better than Di Maria [a player who excels in wide areas and not in a 2 man midfield], better than Drexler who has been underwhelming since he left Schalke [and is more of a winger than he is a central midfielder].

There's a clear level between him and those listed.

 Again none of that makes any difference to a point you made about them having quality options in midfield, which they don't.  Options yes, quality, not really.

The quote you bring up is also less relevant, given that Gini is coming to a side who have high expectations, he isn't going to a club like Newcastle where the standards are different. It was also 6 years ago, I'm sure he's matured tremendously as a footballer and as a person in that time. There are no guarantees that he settles in right away, but we are talking about his ability presently compared to the other midfielders not named Verratti, he's clearly the 2nd best midfielder based on ability right now at this moment. 

Clearly you have some issue with the bloke, seeing as you've already tried to paint a picture of him being a difficult person to deal with in terms of us negotiating a contract, despite knowing sweet fuck all what transpired between us and him and what he was asking for.

I have based Gini being difficult to negotiate with because he has continually failed to agree personal terms with clubs. He wanted to join Spurs but couldn't agree personal terms. He wanted to stay at Liverpool but couldn't agree personal terms. He wanted to join Barca but couldn't agree personal terms.

I would say there was a pattern, wouldn't you.
General Football and Sport / Re: Boxing thread
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What Youtubers fighting for big money.

I think boxing is in a worse place myself.

Iíve already said Sky should have avoided the Mayweather-Paul debacle. As for these legends fights, itís a matter of time until one of them gets a serious pasting and it kills the credibility of the sport.
Transfer thread are all about dreams you gang of beauts not maths.

Some dream of maths (hence the accountancy thread)
Asam said he's rather have 2 players like Jota than 5/6 who aren't available.  No one said to want to buy 5/6 players for the first team.  That's why Craig mentioned two players (and used Jota's 45 million as a benchmark).

Showed me nothing last night so I cant see them doing anything. Mind you Wales are not great but the Swiss are much better than both. Swiss need to drop whats his name up top.

Was an Italy side that's won the last 9 without conceding and not in lost in three years playing at home. I wouldn't judge Turkey on that game alone, though anyone who had them as dark horses beforehand were probably overrating them a tad. Still think they'll be out of the group ahead of either of the other two.
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