Author Topic: Liverpool v Nottingham Forest 1988 - fill yer boots  (Read 47956 times)

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Re: Liverpool v Nottingham Forest 1988 - fill yer boots
« Reply #120 on: July 28, 2021, 03:19:25 pm »
Was it really moved from the start of the season until April? I thought we just played our first few away?

I thought maybe this one was postponed because of a cup fixture clash or bad weather but I could be wrong!

I'm not sure, but think the issue with the kop happened after the 87/88 fixtures were released, i seem to remember us going to the league to postpone a couple of home matches because of it[Forest might have been one of the fixtures], Forest could well have been [re]scheduled to midweek, then moved again to the April date because of a cup fixture clash.

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Re: Liverpool v Nottingham Forest 1988 - fill yer boots
« Reply #121 on: July 28, 2021, 08:37:33 pm »
Was in the Kemln next to the Road End, with my arl fella.

Thought the scabs had brought a big following as the terracing adjacent to the Kemlyn was being used. Then saw someone from school in there and realised it'd been opened for us.

I remember after about 5 minutes, me arl fella said, "gona be nil nil this", ha ha.
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Re: Liverpool v Nottingham Forest 1988 - fill yer boots
« Reply #122 on: July 29, 2021, 04:57:17 pm »
Slightly off topic, but I had a VHS of the greatest LFC games. My dad used to wax lyrically about the great sides of 70s and 80s (he's not a fan of the 90s sides  ;D), he went to home and aways early 80s, so he got me some VHS for my 'footballing education' when I was a kid. 1978 Liverpool 7 - 0 Spurs was my favorite. "Johnson, and Johnson the ball into arces of space for Heighway, and Heighway a brilliant cross back, and what a classic goal." Lost count how many times watched those highlights.

I think I may have had the same video mate (or set of 3; 1 video for each decade)...

the 70's video, with highlights of the Spurs game, can be seen here -

the 80's -

the 90's (I think) -

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