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Can't help but think about next season when three (very fucking) old referees will retire (years past their time) and new ones will come up... How many would be of Coote's standard, or lower?...
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Takumi Minamino
« Last post by jckliew on Today at 03:05:41 am »
8)  10 goals this season - fantastic
Fantastic!  Considering his part cameos!
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: The PL run-in
« Last post by thisyearisouryear on Today at 03:03:39 am »
Nah. Score early and see if Man City start shitting themselves in a panic. We have nowt to lose in the title race on Sunday. They have everything.

Early lead for us. 0-0 between City and Villa till '70 minutes. That is when City will start panicking and concede.
Liverpool wins the title by 2 points.
<insert pep twice gif>
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Curtis Jones
« Last post by jckliew on Today at 03:00:10 am »
He was excellent tonight.

Criticizing him for "shooting too much" is patently ridiculous.
Yeah. He is good! Wish he would shoot more!
I was absolutely fuming with the foul for Southamptons goal, and raging even more that carragher and Tyler weren't making a big deal about it, that was a fuckin disgrace in my book.

Really proud how we turned it around, Jones and Elliott were fantastic.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Liverpool are shite
« Last post by xbugawugax on Today at 02:50:34 am »
mo and vvd. highest paid and cant even play 2 games a week

back in my day we play with half our testicles missing. shite!
General Football and Sport / Re: Football League playoffs
« Last post by rafathegaffa83 on Today at 02:50:00 am »
Should be doing jail time for that

I hate it with so many pitch invasions now, mostly either a bunch of self-important bellends wanting to take selfies and make it all about them or dickheads looking to start something

Completely agree
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Jordan Henderson
« Last post by William Regal on Today at 02:49:36 am »
This fella is imperious as a 6, he's dominated games when played there over the past 3 years, I still don't think our fanbase understand how good he is in that position.
The Boozer / Re: Baby Name (Girl)
« Last post by bigbonedrawky on Today at 02:42:24 am »

General Football and Sport / Re: Who is the best pundit? 2021 edition
« Last post by xbugawugax on Today at 02:42:12 am »
It's because he legitimately changed the game when it came to post-match analysis.  His insight on tactics was streets ahead of anything else at the time.  Trouble is, the better we've become, the more unhinged his punditry has got.  He can't separate the fan from the pundit.

i hear this all of the time but is it? whats so actually groundbreaking about his tactical analysis that was so good?  or is it a case of telling a lie so many times that it becomes the truth. Even earlier when he wasn't so unhinged thought his analysis was mediocre and basic at best.
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