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Would love to see Netherlands win it. Mainly for Van Gaal. You know he's a top bloke when even his Man Utd days don't discredit him. I always remember journalists trying to get a provocative statement about us out of him during the dying days of Rodgers when we were awful, even trying to goad a reaction about the Liverpool supporters during an awful match at Anfield when the crowd were equally as poor as the team. He didn't once budge and maintained focus on his team at all times.

Full respect to the man.
I’m more tolerant than some of twee RomCom crap but The Holiday was too much. Shite!
Is anyone listening to the 5 Live commentary tonight?

An absolute embarrassment.  Prioritized chat about Chris Sutton and commentator about their living accommodation and pre-prepared piss-taking of the referee.  You aren't the show.

"The public gets what the public wants?

Not me.  Makes me feel sick

Sutton complains and moans, while spending half the time commenting on unrelated things that have nothing to do with the game. Upson has been quite good. I'm surprised he hasn't been picked up to do more TV stuff. Nevin and Rob Green are alright as well
The police raided her home 8 months ago. No sign of any charges yet. Surely they have all of the evidence? Why no charges?

Fraud cases can take years to get to the arrest and charge state - see Chippy Tits.
Ticket and Travel Info / Re: Autocup
« Last post by andy07 on Today at 07:58:02 pm »
Had nothing taken yet from my card, will chase up tomorrow.
Media and Arts / Re: Favourite Christmas films
« Last post by killer-heels on Today at 07:56:24 pm »
Its the holy trinity of:

Home Alone
Die Hard

Thats closely followed up by Home Alone 2, Muppets Christmas Carol. Although ‘The Holiday’ has started to emerge as a regular.
It makes sense to do a pre contract agreement in January, in the summer it could get messy, unnecessary stress for us fans 🤣🤣🤣

Stress! We’ve still got more than half the season to. Plenty of stress there to take your mind off transfer shenanigans. ;D
Crocodile Dundee United :lmao :lmao

Also he nailed the Steve McLaren lookalike fan ;D
General Football and Sport / Re: LIVERPOOL TRANSFER THREAD
« Last post by DelTrotter on Today at 07:50:39 pm »
I'd be very surprised if the fee was an issue now, we'd look utterly stupid supposedly doing all this work behind the scenes for ages to convince him just to go "nah, only paying 80m he can go to City" to Dortmund in May. And I don't think Dortmund are the sort of club to try and fuck us over late on. Probably already mostly sorted anyway but of course we'll get the media games for a while yet. My main concern is what else we'd have left to spend but our situation could look very different by the summer so we'll have to see.
we never know the truth of things really until they're explicitly out there but the rumours have been that changes to rings of power etc (eg drafting in writers to help) is under wraps until the award season is over so they dont undermine any potentials coming their way

i know next to nothing about award shit beyond oscars and baftas but if what you've said there is any reflection on the other orgs that hand out shit, amazon may as well make their announcements regarding RoP, if there any
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