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Anfield Forever
« on: May 17, 2002, 10:34:43 pm »
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Pride Park.  Riverside Stadium.  And now add Anfield to that list.

Because all the tradition and pride in our unique stadium has gone.  We'll be yet another plastic, tacky ground.  Why don't we go the whole hog and have cheerleaders, a mascot we could even have our own dance!   We pride ourselves on being different.  When opponents play well, we acknowledge that.  We don't (usually) sing the usual 'Who Are You?' crap that almost everyone sings.

But, looking at the new designs that LFC have put out, it's a bigger Reebok stadium.  It'll have an 'open space, Anfield Plaza, and a village centre.'  Excuse me are we Chelsea?  At the moment, the money means more to our club than any fan.  They've already nearly turned Anfield into a Day trippers paradise, with McNasty's, Carlsberg and Reebok being placed above the fans who fork out thousands a season to follow the Reds to any corner of the globe.

My view has always been that if someone's stupid enough to pay for a 'Treble edition Pillow Case' then let them.  Now though, for everything we hate Man United and the rest for, we are as bad as them.  When we come back from a Pride Park or a Riverside Stadium, we dislike them because they're tacky.  Well, if these designs are anything to go by, we will have one of the tackiest of the lot.

From our start, through the lean years and through the glory days, Anfield has been our home.  The mystical nights of Inter Milan, St Etienne and Roma have all been at Anfield.  The Kop is world renowned, even with recent years poor atmosphere.  When I go to Anfield it's like home.  You look at the place you watched your first game.  You look at the goal where Davie Fairclough scored that goal.  Maybe the goal-posts change, the pitch is re-turfed or the advertising boards are changed, but it's still Anfield.

Anfield is were we go to worship the Reds.  When past managers and players talk about Liverpool, they talk about Anfield.  Anfield has as big a part in Liverpool FC as anything.  

So, having already attempted to take our Kop away, the club are now succeeding.  "We need the money to compete," they'll tell us.  With Champions League qualification coming in, and TV money coming in wouldn't this be enough?   It's not like we're in need of the money!  Build another 'super' store, up ticket prices a slight fraction, higher merchandise-anything!  We're re-building Melwood; building on the academy and GH has a transfer kitty that is very handsome.  

"We need the 55,000-The fans aren't getting tickets".  We're going to look great when Fulham, Southampton or anyone in the Worthington Cup come and play us aren't we?!  35,000-38,000 out of 55,000 will turn up.  In fact, it's only United, Arsenal and any glamorous cup-ties that are guaranteed to get full attendance.  Tickets for games are quite hard to get for big games, but look on ticket forums, go to TO they are very easy to get for Southamptons, Fulhams and Middlesboroughs.

So, a club of tradition and culture will now just be another duplicate.  Anfield is special.  It's our home.  And by our, I mean fans, players and staff.  But of course, if we move it'll be as bad as Pride Park and the Riverside that we dislike so badly.  Anfield is unique.   From the Shankly Gates to the Hillsborough Memorial, the place is full of pride.  THIS IS ANFIELD reminds the opponents they're playing at Fortress Anfield.  Maybe over the past few years, we haven't made it into a fortress.

The flag days/nights we have, the mosaics, the songs would all be lost.  The Spion Kop would be no more.  The place were once we watched the King Kenny play (and he could play!), would be gone.  But, who cares about the loyal support that see us through thick and thin?  There's a few bandwagon jumpers that want a 70,000-seater stadium so he/she can argue with his/her mate.

The club have put a gloss over it, and have done well in their attempts to come out of this well.  'It'll still be called Anfield.'  'The fans want it'.  So, we want a village, a new 'Anfield Bar' and a replica of the Reebok stadium.  One faint plus is that it'll be called Anfield and not the Carlsberg, Reebok & McNasty's Stadium.

At the end of the day, money has come above tradition.  The club have shown that once they see the pound signs, they don't give a shit about us.  I would say I'd not go the game, but I love the team too much for that.  Love the team, but at times hate the club.  Hopefully soon, the fans in the stands will be more important than those in executive boxes.

A final point-Imagine LFC playing a 'home' game away from Anfield?  Nah, it doesn't bear thinking about does it?

Mark Piercy
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Re:Anfield Forever
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Brilliant article.

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Re:Anfield Forever
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Nice post but just a few points.

Because all the tradition and pride in our unique stadium has gone.  

Were has it gone? Has it gone? Tradition and pride comes from people. Regardess of what happens to our team over the next few years i'll still remember our traditions and history. I will also remain proud of our achievements. I'm not proud of the stadium i'm proud of the players, staff and fans.

The mystical nights of Inter Milan, St Etienne and Roma have all been at Anfield.

These nights were made great by great fans and great players.

The flag days/nights we have, the mosaics, the songs would all be lost.  The Spion Kop would be no more.

So we are going to stop doing all this then if we move and the Spion Kop was knocked down a few years back and re-built.

Listen i'm sorry to pick holes in your piece but Anfield was made great by the team, staff and fans. Anfield has changed completely in the last 20 years. The Kop went, Anny Road went, The Kemlyn Road, The boot room all gone. There was no Shankly gates, memorials or statues but we learned to deal with it. We had to deal with it.

Don't get me wrong i'm not pro-move but Anfield is about people not bricks. I've got a piece of the old kop downstairs but to be honest at the end of the day its just a piece of concrete. Everything thats important to me is inside my head.

Cheer up la it may never happen.
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