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About This Forum
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About this forum:

What is it?

This forum replaces "in-game" topics on the main LFC board and is read only except to those who have kindly volunteered to provide in game commentary. The forum will be made available on the day/night of a game so volunteers can manage topics for the duration of the match.

At the conclusion of a game (or shortly after) the in-game topic will be transferred to the main LFC forum and made available for all users to post in. This replaces the post match topics, which should no longer be started by forum users.

Why are we doing this?

The size and popularity of the site means the previous method of a free-for-all open topic is no longer manageable. This new read-only board has been created after feedback from site users about how to improve the overall quality of the LFC forum.

Additional ground rules for using RAWK "in-game"

1) Do not submit in-game related posts or start new match related topics on the LFC forum when a game is on. If you do, the topic will be locked/deleted and you are likely to receive a ban. Please wait until the game is over and then, as always, think before submitting posts to RAWK.

2) Just as soon as the moderating team gets around to moving thecommentary topic, it will be open for the rest of you to post in. Bepatient. The commentary topic automatically becomes the officialpost-match discussion topic.

3) Whilst the volunteer commentators are not moderators of the sitethey are offering their time freely to help all of us, so please do notabuse them. If you do then you will be banned permanently.

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