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General Football and Sport / Re: (American) College Football
« Last post by Lone Star Red on Today at 03:16:50 pm »
I want to see who the OC, OL and Strength coach is.
I like the hire but they need get the offense right. He one of the best DC in the country and I dont think he was leaving Clemson for many Head coaching jobs.

Agree that we need to get the hires right. Most important to me is the S&C coach - that guy sets the tone for the players on a daily basis and by most accounts, the guy we have had for the last several years, was less than ideal.

We'll be fine on offense. The last 6 offensive coordinators have gone on to be head coach's after being OC at OU. There will be no shortage of interested and very talented guys wanting that job. Early signs point to Ole Miss's OC, Jeff Lebby, who is also an OU alum.
European Away forum / Re: AC Milan away ticket details
« Last post by lukeypool on Today at 03:16:22 pm »
Where is everyone in del durmo. Don’t seem many bars by the cathedral
Media and Arts / Re: Awesome documentaries thread
« Last post by Red Ol on Today at 03:14:23 pm »
Watched ‘The Rescue’ on Disney+ (National Geographic) yesterday which is about the rescue of the boys football team in 2018 who got trapped in a cave system in Thailand

Amazing!  Obviously I was very aware of this at the time as it was all over the news, but honestly I had no idea just how challenging this was and how incredible and brave the rescuers were. Would highly recommend this. It’s quite a tense watch and quite emotional. They really did pull off mission impossible. Some real standout heroes but also a fantastic international effort from many people. Watch it if you get a chance
Don't worry when Hamilton retires it will be Redbull and Max winning every week with absolutely no one to challenge him. Then he won't have to drive like Mad Max.
The circle of life, thats when you stop watching F1 for a couple of years again till we have an interesting season
It's tomorrow night. Tuesday Night/Wednesday morning for us.

Jimmy seemed to think the first test would be rained off completely on the last Tailenders podcast.

Aggers has done a good build up podcast series on the TMS feed if anyone wants some extra for it.

How do I always get confused by that!

Even better/worse then if we only have to wait til latte tomorrow night.
General Football and Sport / Re: The NFL Thread
« Last post by newterp on Today at 03:05:54 pm »
Think they're a bit better than that to be fair

it's weird though - the way they are going they will never be more than a .500 team. Chase Young's injury is par for the course - who knows if he will return in top form. Heinike is also confusing - should have lost the game  yesterday on another pick - but lucked out.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: The FA Cup 3rd Round Draw - Mon 6th Dec 7pm
« Last post by afc turkish on Today at 03:05:19 pm »
Hopefully we can cut down on the nefarious cheating this time.

Cheating with the Stags? Effes not making the trip?
Media and Arts / Re: RAWK Album of the Year 2021
« Last post by SamAteTheRedAcid on Today at 03:04:47 pm »
None. Music stopped being good after the 90s



The stadium is in a bad shape though mate, needs major renovations. That's why both AC and Inter are moving and the stadium being flattened. 

Was going to say, this will be the first and last time we play them there. They’re knocking it down.
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