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The Boozer / Re: Cowtownred (Shaun). RIP
« Last post by Millie on Today at 03:29:22 pm »
Ah that's it. Some man - and a life very well lived I think eh?

Ipswich away for me please (although they’re not guaranteed to beat Barrow), would hopefully be able to get a ticket and not have to travel for once - not that I’m being selfish or anything

1790s - Mozart, Bianchi, Dussek, Schall and James Hook were down with the kids then.
Will be interesting to see how much Moshiri and others interfered with Brands' work. Iwobi transfer was an obvious one. I bet Rooney was too
I'd expect quite a few of the squad playing at the weekend to not even travel.


Williams   Konate   Gomez    Tsimikas

     Morton      Milner(c)    Keita

Origi          Minamino        Ox

With the subs being kids. Henderson might travel as Captain, and possibly play 60 mins at the very most.
Everyone talks about their stadium falling apart and rightly so but their training ground is from a bygone era too.  :D

Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Welcome Harvey
« Last post by royhendo on Today at 03:27:11 pm »
Christ, your cup's half empty on this one!
Ticket and Travel Info / Re: Members Sales
« Last post by xRedmanLFCx on Today at 03:26:33 pm »
The queue is completely randomised. I've not found a way to get a low queue position on purpose. You can have 50 devices and they'd all get a different position.
Realistically the same IP address should get the same position in the queue, but (IT people can confirm) I suppose there is a danger of more than one member on the same IP address (same office, apartment, household etc) and them deserving different places in the queue...
It also just hasn't happened elsewhere, Boro and Sunderland for example, have both struggled to fill their places since moving whether in the prem or not.

Loads of evidence suggesting new stadiums become a millstone unless you keep winning. Once the shine has wore off after a year or two, people aren't going to just show up and pay higher prices just to bask in it
Is he really expected to perform much better with that squad? Ancelloti didn't do much, now nor is Rafa. Do they expect a Klopp or Pep to miraculously turn them around?

Ancelotti did a lot better to be honest, but then the difference this season seems to be DCL being out most of the time.
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