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Surely Pickfords positioning is a fault of the coaching staff. Even he can't be so dense as to not follow those instructions. That said when top players are attacking the goal I guess they feint on ways to make one angle look best when in reality it's another.
Inside Anfield------Everton....

After the 4th

TAA looks at the park end, sees them leaving and smirks. VVD does the same. :lmao
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Stan Fabinho
« Last post by NarutoReds on Today at 07:59:34 am »
Reminds me of Mascherano.  ;D  ;D Energetic, passing accuracy, positional sense when the opposition is making a run towards the goal, intelligent marking of opponents, and hard-tackling style of play...

Fabinho and Thiago have played together, (since Thiago came back from injury) 13 times in all competitions, winning EVERY game, and keeping ten clean sheets along the way.

13 TIMES!!  8)  8)
The thing I'm enjoying most about this is the way United fans seem intent on pretending that they've always known who Rangnik was/is. Had you told me 10 days ago that they were going to sack Solkjaer and replace him with a complete unknown that no one has ever heard of then I never would of believed you. I'd of thought there's no way it could get this good. But here we are. Fuck me ;D   
News and Current Affairs / Re: The new old? Polly tickers thread.
« Last post by Libertine on Today at 07:54:15 am »
31% vote share for Labour is actually very good

Not sure about that. Decent sure, but 11 years into a Tory government you might expect more from an opposition. Looks like a low turnout with many Tory voters not bothering, which could suggest some issues for Johnson if that feeling persists and they are unable to fully mobilise their vote at a general.

Labour and the Lib Dems seem to have had an unofficial pact to let each other focus on the two by-elections (despite no-one standing down). Lib Dems seem to be putting a lot more effort into theirs though, even though a victory is still a long shot.

Liverpool FC Forum / Re: The Klopp Template
« Last post by PaulF on Today at 07:53:29 am »
Impressive that we aren't leaking loads too. Usually it's really hard to get the balance. There's no doubt injuries and afcon will determine if we finish top or not. If we had our first choice Xv available for every game from here in then I'm convinced we win the league. 
Though I guess if every team had their best players available all season there might be some tougher games.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Welcome Diogo Jota
« Last post by NarutoReds on Today at 07:48:37 am »
For someone who is 24 years old, Jota is going to be our future star and main striker soon.

There's no way Salah or Mane could hit it like right now and keep running the show when they are 32-33.

In the derby, he's already in the main squad as the club became the first team in English top-flight history to score at least two goals in 18 successive games in all competitions.

What a record!!!
I think we'll make 3 or 4 changes. Milner will likely come in in midfield given he's suspended for Milan and Ox will be in the frame. Although we were able to take off Thiago and Henderson early with the game won so it's possible we go again with that midfield.

Minamino may get a start if we rest one of the front 3. Tsimikas and Konate might come back in.

Wolves has to take obvious priority over Milan but it'll be the Wednesday/Saturday turnaround that Klopp factors into his team selection.

Why would Minamino start ahead of Origi?! I don’t get why we aren’t giving Origi minutes instead.

I think go with the strongest team available (maybe Konate in), we’ll still have a decent squad for Milan.
I know mate. It kept me awake for most of last night. Poor little laddie. Just think, a trip to MacDonalds and then a toy shop would be the best day of his life. Its heartbreaking.
it's kept me awake too
2 wins and and a draw. He's made.Ralf's job harder. So if he sits quietly for 6 months there's every possibility he will get another crack at it.

Although Ole sat quietly for years and is no more.
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