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I think the way that the Echo and other local media strive to give them some level of parity in their coverage with us probably doesn't help matters since it gives them a very distorted view of their level of importance, which is practically zero outside of the local area.
When I still bought the hardcopy Echo I was amazed how much coverage they gave to Everton, considering their fanbase is just a quarter of the city region and they've not won anything since the last century. I don't really notice now due to only using the app.

Mind you, they never stopped whinging, whining and complaining, so I suppose the Echo felt compelled to pander to the highly vocal minority.

I often wonder if the local press in Barcelona and Lisbon have to pander in a similar way to Espanyol and Sporting fans?
Ten Hag is loving this. Basically removes a massive problem and he doesn't have to bear the brunt of criticism from some fan quarters and the ex-player SKY horde (Neville, Keane, etc.).

As Kuper said, their scouting network seems laughable, but it's not really out of the ordinary - look at Chelsea under Conte and Sarri.

Surely it would be the opposite? A Man UTd coach will be under pressure to deliver regardless, but now heíll also have the fact that every single signing heís making is his choice, and his alone, no one to fall back on there in the blame game if they donít all succeed. Weíve seen here how that goes with managers, the criticism aimed at them (Rodgers being prime example), when failed or average transfers where used as a stick to beat him with.
General Football and Sport / Re: The Golf Thread
« Last post by 4pool on Today at 02:23:27 pm »
They will never do that. Never.

Augusta and LIVís backers have a lot in common. Place of women for example.

You do realize Augusta National has had Women members for years now. Including Condoleezza Rice.

Has set up an Augusta National Womens Amateur to grow the Womens game world wide. Which is quickly becoming one of the top Womens golf event.

But yeah, them and the Saudi's/Liv are the same.  ::)
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Welcome to Liverpool, Fabio Carvalho
« Last post by marmite sw on Today at 02:21:02 pm »
from what i seen via you tube this could be a massive signing for the club so look forward to seeing him play in a Liverpool shirt ...think he will be a superstar in the making ... welcome lad to the club thats going to make you a legend
Nobody does cringe better!
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Welcome to Liverpool, Fabio Carvalho
« Last post by Ghost Town on Today at 02:15:33 pm »
He even looks a bit like Big Fab in a wig
General Football and Sport / Re: The England Cricket Thread - 2022
« Last post by Yorkykopite on Today at 02:14:36 pm »
Broad needs to get at least 35 runs.
Media and Arts / Re: 2022 in Music
« Last post by smutchin on Today at 02:14:35 pm »
New black midi album out on the 13th. If what Iíve heard so far is anything to go by, itís definitely going to be up there in the album of the year stakes.

Just check out the drumming on this - incredibleÖ

Black midi - Welcome To Hell
The Boozer / Re: General decorating and DIY thread indoor and outdoors.
« Last post by redbyrdz on Today at 02:14:01 pm »
Don't think so no as I've never done it on old wood.

Thanks! :)
General Football and Sport / Re: The England Cricket Thread - 2022
« Last post by Yorkykopite on Today at 02:13:17 pm »
Kohliís such a twat.

I believe his own team thinks so too.
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