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I think for most human beings there's the notion of subconsciously believing in a hierarchy.

Men follow leaders. The 'alpha male' principle.

Much of the aristocracy - assisted by the attitudes instilled in them at the top public schools - have it drilled in to them that they are born to rule the plebs. The ones with that alpha-tendency will obviously find that easier.

For their part, many plebs are happy to just be led. I don't know whether this is a British cultural thing or if it's just a British manifestation of a more universal trait, but this country does suffer from a horrible 'tug your forelock' tendency amongst swathes of the population. An instinct to view the wealthy and the aristocracy as their 'betters'. This helps explain why working class people vote for a party that wants to dry-fuck them up the arse. And why they snipe at, say, public sector workers for earning x-amount or having a moderately decent pension, yet cheer on some company executive pocketing a 7-figure salary package.

I get that - and maybe it is in part because most companies will need hierarchy to function so it is naturally a part of your day to day life. I don't mean in terms of billionaire CEOs but even within departments in the lower levels of a firm there will still be reporting structures.

I'm not convinced it is a solely British thing - but I have no data other than gut feeling to go off. Maybe I just don't want to believe that we can be so stupid and others aren't!

The frustrating thing isn't so much the forelock tugging but its also the nose thumbing at those who probably are more deserving of the tug - if you get what I mean? Habit and history almost have taught people that the rich, whilst not necessarily are our betters, are born to rule and so if you are rich, or in a position such as MP (whether good at it or not) you automatically get treated as such.

What is does though is that they disregard and push back against the educated - scientists (COVID, climate change etc) doctors etc. and see these people as trying to ruin things almost.
Buying Terrys Timber makes sense. The. They get all the stadium materials for free.
Media and Arts / Re: Better Call Saul
« Last post by Macphisto80 on Today at 05:33:13 pm »
Yeah I agree, Walt would have strangled Marion and carried on about his day!  ;D
Would he have? I don't think he would. Walt still had most of himself or at least his humanity right up until Gus broke him and forced him over the edge and then his "I'm the one who knocks" persona or ego took over. Even then, Walt was still in there. You could see it in the 'Box Cutter' episode in that one scene. Walt was the one rattled and disturbed by it. It was actually Jessie that sat forward in defience of Gus' "example". The other main difference between Walt and Jimmy is that Walt was sort of backed into a corner by his fate. He did what he did - at the start at least - for his family. Jimmy was just a selfish bastard from the start, even if he was a sympathetic character, he still left damage to others in his wake.
I love the smell of wood. My late dad used to be a joiner, so the smell of wood was always in the house.

Talking about being a game changer. I wonder how they'll take it once the realisation kicks that it's just same old shite, different location?

Off the top of my head I can't think of a club whose fortunes have changed dramatically for the better due to having a new stadium. Particularly one that saddles them with a monumental debt to repay.
I'm not sure about globally but nothing springs to mind in England.  Man City and West Ham are the closest I can think of but both were effectively gifted stadiums.  As I understand it the stadium was seen as a plus by Abu Dhabi when they bought Man City so maybe that's Moshiri's plan.

Arguably Arsenal would have been left behind had they not moved to a new ground and they're now matchday income monsters.  There was about a decade though where they seemed to be hamstrung due to the costs of the ground and they won more trophies in the immediate years before than the years after the stadium move.

Leicester went down to League One after moving to the King Power then bounced back with the new owners.  Again, the new owners may not have bought them had they been playing at Filbert Street still.

In an earlier post I listed some of the clubs that built new stadiums when they were in the top flight and have barely had five seasons in the top flight between them since.
News and Current Affairs / Re: Conservatives: Wrecking the UK for fun
« Last post by Mahern on Today at 05:32:20 pm »

Eton and Winchester both currently get around a third of their leavers into Oxbridge. Westminster is at 50% (with about 10% going to top US colleges).

All used to have much higher Oxbridge admission rates before efforts to make entry more meritocratic (certainly higher amongst those now in that 40-60 age range that are in positions of power right now)

Right. So now that the processes are more meritocratic, surely that means having to be elite at chosen subject rings even more true?
Ticket and Travel Info / Re: Members Sales
« Last post by Annie Road 64 on Today at 05:31:48 pm »
You can still get them even with that pop up. I have many times.
Just getting beyond the sold) out sign is the problem once your past that then your in  :)
On the train this week and I still can't believe how cramped it looks. I know the streets around Goodison are similar- is that the inspiration??

Seems a slow build.

I reckon they are getting to a certain point and then will flog it or get funding, whatever the plan is. If indeed there is one.

At least there's a lot of hustle and bustle around Goodison. Residential streets, County Road, a plethora of boozers etc (like with Anfield). This 'iconic location' is wastelands with that one little boozer over the road. All the talk of fan zones at the site but who wants to stand around in the cold and freeze of the Mersey, or with the stench of the sewer on a hot day?

No doubt they'll try and knock the wall down and fill in the neighbouring dock once it's built.
Not to get too pedantic, Public School was a status given to 7 famous schools as a result of a nineteenth century act. Other schools gained that status over time. However you are probably right that most people form their impressions from one of the original 7, namely Charterhouse, Eton, Harrow, Rugby, Shrewsbury, Westminster and Winchester. And they would be right. These are highly prestigious and notoriously snooty places.
Actually, since you mention Rugby, that's prompted a memory. Although not close friends - and somewhat contrary to my earlier comments - some 25 odd years ago I did socialise quite a lot with a fella who attended Rugby - he was good lad. Very likable.
Signed another left back for 11m,add to their collection or maybe gets to do a round the world tour in some 'City Football Group family of clubs'.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Welcome Harvey
« Last post by Dave McCoy on Today at 05:28:45 pm »
First pro deals can only run a max of three years so it's pretty standard to sign two close together. We've nomidea on pay increases, bonuses etc to make a real judgement on a third. But keeping good players = good. And pretty sure we did the same with Jones and Trent

Nobody has gotten to a 3rd contract that quickly is the point, not Trent  and Jones is still on his 2nd contract. If it was the norm then there'd be nothing to say would there?

If you look for it you'll always find something odd because the club do things according to their own lights, using their own ideas and criteria which they don't publish or consult us about.

We won't always understand everything. Why does it matter so much? We have a top young talent on a good, length contract and (almost) everyone is happy. I can tell you I've had worse days

Do you see me posting in every thread about the "odd" thing LFC did in this instance? At the end of the day it's an outlier to me and I find it interesting. Maybe it's a sign of things to come in that he's a very ambitions player with aggressive representation?  Maybe it's not and this is the last contract ever gets at LFC? Maybe it's something else? Who knows?

I can only speak for myself but finding something intellectually interesting instead of just drooling in the transfer thread isn't a sign of a bad day. Thankfully only another couple weeks to go before it's a game every 3 days until the World Cup and probably no time for myself or others to annoy you with such things.
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