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The Boozer / Re: Things you find..weird
« Last post by Ghost Town on Today at 03:32:13 am »
Papa Johns (I'm not proud) recently had a pizza called the Bee Sting, which had peperoni, small hot chilli peppers and honey. I added pineapple to that.

And on a similar theme, you can put pineapple in chilli, which I started doing after finding this:

Is that made by Diaz's nan?
The Boozer / Re: Football fashion/post yer trainees
« Last post by cassiale on Today at 03:27:49 am »
With color-coordinated sheepskin lining and shearling-lined straps, the BIRKENSTOCK Milano classic style is available in a particularly warm form from
What? Another owl pellet? That's two in a row.

The fact that a middle market, mid-table franchise with only a semi-new stadium in the Denver Broncos went for way above 4 billion dollars shows something is insane when it comes to these valuations. It's like a billionares' playground to show off their fancy toy more than anything else. I suspect it's because of this playground aspect they're able to milk a lot of money when selling clubs/franchises these days but that definitely will grind to a halt when TV ratings flatline because people can't keep up the asking prices for those deals.

The explosion of value for teams like United, Liverpool, Chelsea et cetera are highly suspicious and probably not squeeky clean if I'm totally honest here. Arsenal would be a billion-pound investment these days after a decade of completely failing on the pitch. Add that into the mix as well. All have American owners that are really good at cooking the books. I suspect what Chelsea are doing right now is leveraged purchases of players in order to increase Forbes' valuation of the club. Basically, these billionares are mates with the owners of these valuation gossip publications and get scratched at the back... for some favours? This helps justify the high purchase price "see our asset gained a billion bucks value overnight look at us" :D The crooks running F1 are more or less running a similar scam with regards to the utterly fake value of the sport, which keeps team in line as they drive the actual on-track product into the ditch and leave European fans behind. US capitalism is a stinking pile of garbage. The Russian oligarchs wish they'd have as good PR departments as the American billionares have.

It's because of the ridiculous money EPl clubs get. It won't last tho, football clubs will have less fans worldwide because the new young generation isn't interested in Football but more into esports. Just Google UAE or Saudi Arabia+esports and choose the news tap, they are trying to control this sector for a reason.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Champions League Group Stage Draw - 25/08/2022
« Last post by MdArshad on Today at 02:38:45 am »
^ Yes anything to make it more competitive, it's so depressing when some English teams don't take it seriously

Yes. I do not understand why though, that Sevilla Final lost still hurts till this day.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Just how good was Kenny Dalglish?
« Last post by kavah on Today at 02:36:50 am »
^ On Liverpool History; there was some back and forth about the fee and Man United were sniffing around too, handy that they were going through the Tommy Docherty sacking that summer

...Manchester United offered Dalglish more money but he preferred Liverpool. Paisley had contacted Jock Stein a year earlier when he heard that Dalglish wanted to go but Stein had said that he was going nowhere. Stein added that Paisley would be the first he would contact if he couldn’t talk Dalglish out of leaving. Stein kept his promise even though he was disappointed to be losing a player of his calibre. Liverpool initially offered £300,000. In the end Liverpool's offer had reached £400,000 after Stein had refused both £330,000 and £360,000. Stein still refused but added that if Liverpool were to offer 10% more they would reach an agreement. Liverpool Chairman John Smith nodded his head and Liverpool agreed on £440,000 which was then the record transfer fee between two British clubs. There was no doubt in Dalglish's mind. ...
General Football and Sport / Re: LIVERPOOL TRANSFER THREAD
« Last post by Egyptian36 on Today at 02:33:02 am »

You know what will be perfect for us ? a young Wijnaldum.
A physically strong player who does the basics right and can cover multiple positions so we can use him as a sqaud option later when we get our real targets. Surely there is a player like this somewhere.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Champions League Group Stage Draw - 25/08/2022
« Last post by kavah on Today at 02:25:11 am »
^ Yes anything to make it more competitive, it's so depressing when some English teams don't take it seriously
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Champions League Group Stage Draw - 25/08/2022
« Last post by MdArshad on Today at 02:20:39 am »
It's a stupid idea, Europa League winners should be in Pot 4.

It is a good idea though as Europa League is a proper competition. I mean Champions of Europa will be better suited as top seed then Champions of Portugal or Greece.
^ it's illuminating and paints a picture of Truss as vacuous, not series and an ego-maniac much like Johnson. Another Tory without principles except the quest for power.

Fair play to Sturgeon for bringing it up  ;D
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