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You’ll pay more in the centre of Paris.
Raid the offy
Anyone wanna swap a Wolves ticket for the final!?

Someone asked me to swap the other day as they didn't think their passport would come in time and it's turned up this morning (twat  >:().

It got me thinking there maybe someone else out there in the same boat.
The Boozer / Re: Wordle - Word Game - Guess a different word each day
« Last post by Chakan on Today at 12:20:27 pm »
Wordle 332 4/6

Which brings us round to the Jewish diaspora. This was different to other migrations, as the Jewish identity was rabidly clung to, based around religious fundamentalism. Jews who had migrated largely didn't assimilate into the societies they migrated to - didn't adopt the native cultures, religions, even sometimes laws. Jewish religious leaders marshalled their communities with an iron rod, forbidding marriage into other communities and disowning those who ceased to follow Jewish religious doctrine.
Interesting turn of phrase there.

Are Jews any more 'fundamental' in their faith than believers of other religions? I know of no evidence to support your assertion. Perhaps you could supply a reference. There are all kinds strange requirements made at the more extreme end of all the major religions. There is nothing unique in this regard with Judaism.
None of the above is a criticism, I want to stress. It's just stating fact. The Jewish people had and have the right to cling to their Jewish identity as much as they want. But it's this refusal to fully integrate and assimilate that has set them apart from other people where they migrated to (and created the environment for them to be victimised over the centuries)
I think you have that exactly backwards. I am no student of history, but even I know that Jews have been persecuted for two millennia. Perhaps it is this very long history of antisemitism which helps form their strong bonds, even across national boundaries and even continents. What you see as a weakness and worthy of criticism, I see as a strength and worthy of respect. And I write this an unapologetic atheist.
So the question of them continuing - centuries after migrating away from the Palestine/Israel area - to consider that region to be their ancestral and spiritual home, with ancestors multiple generations down the line demanding a right to return, presents a unique issue. If they had integrated/assimilated fully into the societies they migrated to, these people would not be identifying as Jewish.
I'll give you that Israel is somewhat unique nation (how it came into being). It is relatively young nation too. But, millions and people live there, and most were born long after its creation. Perhaps if Jews had not been persecuted for two thousand years, and particularly - and horrifically - in the middle of the last century, then maybe fewer of them would be so supportive of a Jewish nation. I don't know what my view would have been at the end of WWII about the creation of the Jewish state, but the desire (at the time) is surely understandable. If the creation of Israel was advisable is now moot - too much time has passed; too many people live there. What should occupy our time and efforts is finding way forward and seek peace. Not talk of how 'Jews are to blame for their situation', which is what your words boil down to.
Increasing reports that Mbappe to Madrid is a done deal - Ballbag is convinced it's finalised.

Where would PSG turn for a replacement?

Nkunku would make loads of sense. Came up through their academy, entering the stratosphere and even if he costs £80m he'll be on relatively low wages at Leipzig.

Meanwhile, in unrelated (possibly related) news.....

Putin involved in war ‘at level of colonel or brigadier’, say western sources

Very “Hitler’esque” that, and it pretty much signified the beginning of the of the Third Reich.
European Away forum / Re: Champions League Final in Paris 28.5.2022
« Last post by John C on Today at 12:18:31 pm »
Any sign of any ticket fulfilment progress for anyone?
The Boozer / Re: Baby Name (Girl)
« Last post by J-Mc- on Today at 12:17:21 pm »
Took us ages to come up with a name for our little girl, mainly because my missus works in an all girls school so if one of the kids annoyed her or had an attitude, that name was out ;D

In the end, we went with Amirah, a name you don’t usually hear but one we fell in love with.

Feel your pain for picking a name!

Increasing reports that Mbappe to Madrid is a done deal - Ballbag is convinced it's finalised.

Where would PSG turn for a replacement? You'd think Salah would be right up there on their wanted list (especially from the sportwashing perspective - Salah being a hero in the Middle East).

If they decide to throw silly-money at Salah, could this tempt him away?
All, I am in need of a good petrol mower with a rear roller for my garden.

I don't want to bankrupt myself.

Any advice?
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