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Liverpool FC Forum / Re: PL: Wolves 0 vs 1 Liverpool Divock 90+4’
« Last post by Kalito on Today at 11:50:27 pm »
Lee Hendrie it was. Talking absolute guff all game on.
So I was right then  ;D
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Welcome to Liverpool Thiago Alcantara
« Last post by The 92A on Today at 11:48:16 pm »
Some players are so good that you get enjoyment just watching them control the ball and pass, he's balletic the way he addreses the ball, so brave hence he occasionally gets caught out by the pace of the game in the premiership but it's risk and reward and his football brain is adjusting every game. with Trent we have two outstanding playmakers in this team
It's crazy the state these are in. What's baffling to me is quite a few on here after they put a couple of wins together (against dross) seemed to think they had improved under Wenger. It's got to be one of the worst Arsenal sides ever. Maybe ever is harsh as I don't know the full history of the club but in decades certainly, probably since their trophy drought after the 71 double.

Think Wenger has left recently mate
Why wouldn't you play somebody who was trusted with the key as a young lad?
He was trusted with the key instead of his older brother. If that isn't someone to trust to lead a football team than who is?
I always thought Aubamayang was something of a fraud

Was dining from a table he didn’t belong at for years for me. Now it’s very apparent

He wasn't!!! Was at the very top level for some time and it couldn't really be argued with but pace was a big part of his game and attitude comes across as very questionable.
That's exactly what Neville said tonight, but then he said I can understand why VAR didn't give a red card though.  :butt
If VAR looked at that and didn't see a straight red then we are all in trouble.
He was brilliant at Leeds and the player we hoped we where getting.
General Football and Sport / Re: Circus Boxing Thread
« Last post by RyanBabel19 on Today at 11:44:12 pm »
That Jake Paul has a top 10 of Boxers he wants to fight before "retires".

Devonte is one of them apparently. ;D

I want to know the rest of the list.

Nate Robinson
Ben Askren
Tyron Woodley
Canelo :lmao
Nate or Nick Diaz
Kamaru Usman
Tommy Fury
Gervonta Davis
Logan Paul

Was the list I saw, the first 4 of which he fought. So a list of people he knows he'll never get to fight but will try and talk/blag his way to and a list of people barely anyone gives a fuck if he fights as the fights mean nothing
And so one of the most calamitous episodes in the history of the club has ended with them three points off the Champions League places with one of the world’s leading coaching minds at the helm.

I feel a fool, I've literally never heard of this chap until he went to them?
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