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Vote For Ian
« on: August 10, 2015, 09:51:01 am »
The Liverpool Supporters' Union is calling on all members to support Ian Byrne, in the election to become part of the LFC Supporters' Committee. You can read Ian's statement and vote here
LFC set up the Supporters' Committee five years ago and have used it as a sounding board and channel to feed supporter issues into the Club. This makes it important that there is a voice within the Supporters' Committee raising the concerns of the Union and our members.
Anna Burgess and Graham Smith, both Union Management Committee members, are currently on the LFC Supporters' Committee and Karen Gill, our patron, is also part of the Committee. Electing Ian would only serve to strengthen our voice and make sure issues we are raising - around tickets prices and treatment of supporters - are heard by those within the Club.
Please do have your say and vote for Ian.
Vote here
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Re: Vote For Ian
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done, good luck