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So people are still bidding on Saul and Asensio.

Please stop wasting your time .
''Oooh my precious, no one must have my precious''

No one cares about them. It's all about Pellegri. 9 man battle royal and you don't even know who he is
The Boozer / Re: Opening Car Doors
« Last post by surfer. Fuck you generator. on Today at 06:47:42 AM »
I can't be the only one who saw an Opening Car Doors thread by a fella called McJacker and thought the thread would be criminally inclined.....Not even a joke about it? It's the kind of thing the legendary Crosby Nick would have pulled off in his sleep...
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Team Analysis: Jürgen Klopp’s Liverpool Tactics
« Last post by GBF on Today at 06:42:32 AM »
Rotating keepers is nothing new. Barca did it recently for league and CL. Ferguson rotated De Gea to ease him in.

When De Gea just arrived, not when he has been playing for a couple of seasons.  It's not just the keeper but the back 4
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: The Nathaniel Clyne Experience
« Last post by Rick-40 on Today at 06:41:42 AM »
Seems like we miss him more than we thought.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Ben Woodburn.
« Last post by joekim87 on Today at 06:38:50 AM »
The kid looks like a product of Barca's academy more than an English one. Playing against a Prem team that won the league not too long again but so composed on the ball and finds the right pass, simple or magical, most of the time.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Dominic Solanke
« Last post by joekim87 on Today at 06:34:53 AM »
Looked okay but didn't do his main job well... score goals. Had good chances to. If one or two of his chances went in or were at least on target for someone to score the rebound, would we have won?
First half good.second half rubbish.lets hope we can change things saturday
I would suggest laser eye surgery

Please enlighten me.
We haven't won a trophy in ten years and always amazes me how much we think these competitions are beaneath us.

Apart from the League Cup in 2011-12

"No other team comes close to our tally of eight League Cups, which have been won over the course of 12 final appearances. The trophy was last brought home to Anfield in 2012 courtesy of victory over Cardiff City at Wembley"

We haven't won a trophy for 5 years :)

and what have those Romans ever done for us !

Oh ya, Barnsley lost to Chanpionship side Leeds yesterday. Why? They can't suddenly play football.
Sorry just pedant in me, Burnley and a stunning Brady free kick nearly 6 minutes into first half added time
to make it 2 - 2 and extra time, with Leeds winning on penalties
We had this problem during Houllier's time. He kept rotating the players and we kept leaking goals.  The defence/keeper aren't stable enough.  Klopp is pissed off but it is all his doing

Rotating keepers is nothing new. Barca did it recently for league and CL. Ferguson rotated De Gea to ease him in.
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