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Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Mancs away 13/5 if their fans permit it
« Last post by Kop Kenny on Today at 01:29:16 pm »
Entirely agree that the whole protest by the Mancs is all about them playing second fiddle now to the Oil State cheats and not liking it one bit, strange they weren't invading the stadium and stopping games being played when the owners were coughing up for Pogba, Fernandez etc.

The thing that really grinds my gears is that, if that had been us acting like that the FA would not have hesitated in making us forfeit the game.
The Boozer / Re: Maggie May's Recipe A Day
« Last post by reddebs on Today at 01:29:07 pm »
I have loads of carrots to use up,probably make another batch of marmalade.

Or carrot cake which I believe you can freeze?
Yes, but be prepared to take the hit in the league if we do go far in it.

I can see the reasoning behind this thinking, I think there's ways to go around it. We need a nice draw in the group stage (look at the shite Arsenal, United, Chelsea always get when they're in it) - but if we get one, we should be able to win the group without having to use any of the key first team men. If anything it helps the entire squad out, because you won't need your Van Dijk's and Salah's playing two games a week at that stage of the season, and it'll give squad players minutes they can't get if we're in the Champions League. Also, great chance for a few of the young lads to get minutes.

If you win the group from next season, you go straight into the last 16 instead of having to squeeze another knockout round in. Just win 4 of them and we'll top it. If we are in it and go through I'd be hoping to see strong selections in the knockout ties, great chance to win a European trophy. There's every chance as well we'll be out of any title picture. It won't be ideal and we'd all rather be in the Champions League, but there's definitely ways we can benefit from being it, especially if we were to win it. Would much rather be in it than not, but as I say, only if we can rotate in the group stage.
We are not helping ourselves though. We have turned into professional snipers as a party who just spend endless time criticising the government on social media yet not putting forward anything alternative. I like my MP Angela Eagle for example , but all she does all day seemingly is find anti-government posts and retweets them. We need to be seen doing more than that.

Kinda feel this too. I ask myself what is the point of these endless meme's and stuff on social media, who is the audience that people are seeking to engage with this. Is it just to have a good old moan with like minded people? If so thats fair enough, all got to let off steam somehow.

If its intention is to engage undecided/apathetic voters its kind of self defeating. If the answer to any question about government policy is "they are evil, this must be wrong" why would any nonpartisan person seeking information on a subject go to that hyper partisan friend? They already know what they will say.
I don't think it is the people recently educated that are the issue.
Implying the elderly are ignorant isn’t helping either…

I think younger people - unsurprisingly - are better at understanding the nature of social media. Which I think is the root cause of the present problems.
And I’m not convinced  by this at all.

Brexit and Trump played social media like a veritable fiddle.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: The PL run-in
« Last post by Linudden on Today at 01:25:54 pm »
In a normal season with a full pre-season I would expect us to be ahead of West Ham. But it hasn't been a normal season has it?

Don't forget the Anfield factor. A filled stadium is very hostile to the away teams.
General Football and Sport / Re: Boxing thread
« Last post by Clayton Bigsby on Today at 01:24:56 pm »
I just want him to live by the same standards he holds of others. How quiet the boxing community has been because the white fighter quit when his eye was a mess compared to how loud they were when the black fight quit because his eye was a mess has been stark. I've got no problem with him not continuing, just like I didn't with Dubois and defended him at the time, but he's a fucking hypocrite for doing what he did last night.

I think its more tribal than that. Matchroom v Queensbury.

Tony Bellew who defo watched the fight has not said a word. Nor has Whyte, nor has Liam Smith. All stuck the boot in re Dubois

Hearn was very dismissive of Dubois but suddenly obtained a medical degree overnight to say that Saunders broke his orbitsl.

Liverpool should aim to win every trophy they’re in... bollocks to this prioritising rubbish...

I'm a huge fan of the FA Cup and would always go for that so don't get that mixed up  :wave
Yes, but be prepared to take the hit in the league if we do go far in it.

With everyone fit we could field something like this Kelleher, Williams, Phillips, Matip, Tsmikas, Milner, Jones, Keita, Shaqiri, Ox, Jota. You would think we buy a few players in the summer to make that stronger too. Keep the big guns for the later stages.
Ive never followed politics, don't understand it and yes I'm one of those who feel they're all as bad as each other.

I read this thread every day in the hope that it'll educate me or give me the understanding I crave but nope, it's all still gobbledegook.

All the different factions, labels, left this, right that, blue, red, culturalists, centrists etc nothing computes.

Social equality has to be the aim surely, not all this godforsaken childish bickering and name calling.

If someone, anyone, started talking about that and how they would go about delivering it I'd listen, I'd get behind it and I'd fight like hell to help make it happen.

Maybe a name change would help those of us not politically savvy, I mean what the fuck is "labour" to most people.

The pain of childbirth?  A skivvy that does all the heavy graft on a building site?  Who the hell wants to be associated with that!

I'll keep reading but I don't hold out much hope of understanding why the party built on unity and mutual support is intent on ripping itself apart whilst other political parties prosper.

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