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This is taken from RAOTL posted initially by Big Al

Theres a piece on the National in the May 02 issue and one of the sidebars asks why hold it in Liverpool the "UKs biggest open prison" and goes on to estimate how many cars could be nicked while the race is on (including time for a "celebratory fight"). I think its out of order and i've said so here

and some of the responses that have been sent from there

I have just been informed of your comments regarding the holding of the Grand National and in particular your description of Liverpool as the UK's biggest open prison. I am well aware that your magazine is supposed to be light hearted and I do not doubt you would tell me not to take things such as this so seriously, unfortunately this isn't an isolated incident in your magazine: I recall an interview with Samuel L Jackson when he was asked whether he braved the streets of Liverpool after dark, it's not Tel Aviv you know.
I believe that Bristol has the highest rate of car crime but that wouldn't suit your lazy stereotyping journalism. If we were black you wouldn't say it, and quite right too, so why continue such negative portrayals of a city where the people helped thousands who were stranded after the IRA bomb scare stopped the National. It's unrepresentative and stupid. I am sure you will laugh at this e-mail and deride my comments and that is fine as it says more about you feeble mind than it does about my distaste at your borderline offensive comments. Why don't you tell us where you are from and we can start a concerted campaign based on no facts to make you and your people feel ridiculous.

Thanks and regards
Ben Goodband


Right then, I do not have a subscription but do buy your mag monthly.

With reference to your "excellent investigative" journalism that constitutes the piece "cars in danger" within the grand national piece.
I'm sick of half cocked journalism & sweeping generalisations that continually put down the city of Liverpool. If you don't want to come, simple: DON'T, we don't want pricks like you here anyway, stay in Berkshire.

It may only be £3.10 a month but I wont be buying your rag again. I'm also posting your "article" on Liverpool forums advising any self respecting Liverpudlian to boycott your mag.

I'll be looking forward to your reply, but will not be expecting one, as your probably away investigating some article like "why does my bell end smell like cheese"

your not very expectantly

Dear Sir,

I do not understand why you would risk alienating an entire city of readers with your crass bigoted comments, perhaps the commercial impact of such a pathetic snipe did not hit home? Regardless, your magazines contributors are obviously second rate if all they are capable of is recycling old, inaccurate and tired clichés when attempting to be humorous. Perhaps there is a shortage of good writers in London, or is this a result of your reduced overheads due to falling sales? Perhaps the idiot who wrote the article thought it was funny or is there a lowest common denominator somewhere that this type of crap appeals too, either way I no longer wish to be associated or influenced by your rag? I hope the pay is good there, because there can't be much job satisfaction in writing such drivel all day.

Don't suppose we'll see you print an apology, in turn you can expect a drop in sales in Liverpool.

Fare well

X reader

Let's all mail these  :wanker: :wanker: and let them know what we think, force them into an apology.
I'm defo not buying this shite again

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