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Re: UEFA criteria for entering European Competitio
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See also

Club licensing system given green light
Friday 15 March 2002
The UEFA Executive Committee today approved a licensing system for clubs in UEFA competitions.

Ready for 2004/05
The system, which will be ready for application in the 2004/2005 season, requires that all national associations ensure that clubs which qualify for UEFA competitions increase their financial transparency and credibility.

Financial statements
Clubs will have to provide financial statements in accordance with local legislation, financial statements for the interim period and ensure that no payments are overdue for transfer activities and also no payments overdue towards any club employees.

Accent on youth
Clubs will also have to field at least three youth teams within a range of 12-18 years, all competing in a national association-recognised competition. It will also be necessary to meet certain criteria regarding stadiums, including security measures and a minimum capacity of 3,000 seats.

'Very important project'
UEFA's Chief Executive Gerhard Aigner said: “The club licensing system is a very important project and, once it is realised, it will have an enormous positive effect on European football, as it will create the necessary framework for a further development of football all over Europe.

Close co-operation
“UEFA’s role is to support its member associations to implement such a licensing system at domestic level. We have been working very closely with eight pilot associations who have helped us on this approach.

'In-depth survey'
“The implementation of the new system is foreseen in 2004. And two years later we will conduct an in-depth survey to introduce the necessary changes and modifications if needed.

'More stability'
“The objective of this system is not to ban clubs from our competitions, but to create more stability for our competitions. It will also ensure more transparency on financial and legal aspects.”

Main legal criteria
Clubs will have to have a certified head coach responsible for the first-team squad, as well as proper organised governance. The main legal criteria will be that the club is affiliated to a UEFA member association and recognises as legally binding the statutes, rules and regulations of FIFA, UEFA and their national association and league.

'A significant step'
UEFA's Legal Services representative, Marcel Benz, said: "The Executive Committee has made a significant step today by approving the club licensing system. Now we can start its practical implementation. In this regard all football associations will be invited to UEFA at the end of April when we will present the Club Licensing Manual."  

Meeting in April
Representatives of the European Football Associatons will visit Nyon on 19 April, where the details of the Club Licensing Manual will be explained. will publish the manual in early April.

It seems that this won't stop the Real Madrids of this world constantly raising the financial stakes. It's more likely to affect the smaller countries who have no prospect of setting up 3 youth teams etc.
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