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General Football and Sport / Re: Arsenal
« Last post by decosabute on Today at 07:50:15 pm »
First really significant injury they've had. We've been dealing with this shit since day 1 of preseason to several players. Let's see what they're made of now. If they just spend in January, then I'll start to wonder where the money is coming from, cos they've already thrown the cash around the past couple of years.
Portugual would be daft to start Ronaldo again at this tournament

Playing football is like making love to a beautiful woman…
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: LFC Squad - World Cup Break
« Last post by Solomon Grundy on Today at 07:46:23 pm »
Joao Felex , ITV commentator showing off
A lot of work needed to be done for the swiss to even get back into this. Can’t put an attack together.
Unless I'm mistaken in the terms of all the franchises I don't think the companies can do a deal in certain circumstances without government approval. Until recently government have just pointed fingers are the union and companies saying its fuck all to do with them and wouldn't sit down to negotiate.
Media and Arts / Re: Music Association Game
« Last post by lucas65 on Today at 07:45:11 pm »
Damned If I Do - The Alan Parsons Project
What do I Get? - Buzzcocks
I've watched it but didn't understand it even though I recognised some characters from lotr.

I'd no idea what it was about, or which age it was set or what the story was, or is, trying to tell us or how or where it fits in with the lotr.

I've still no idea on who some of the characters are, where they fit in or why they were included.  Presumably they'll play some part in future series.

I quite enjoyed it but it was hard work and the next series will need to be loads better to keep me interested enough to watch it.

What were the hobbits all about? 🤷. Ive still no idea who the giant guy is or who he becomes 🤷

Who were the baddies chasing him?  The weird looking menwomen, spaceage freaks 🤷

I didn't understand the Gimli/Elrond friendship as that was never evident in lotr 🤷

And didn't Isildor die in the original attack on the village when Mount Doom happens? 

How can he have died when he gets the ring off Sauron as part of the lotr story🤷

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