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General Football and Sport / Re: Serie A
« Last post by BarryCrocker on Today at 12:46:27 am »
Juventus 'cooperating with police' over finance investigation

They've got form. Would be hilarious if they got kicked down to Serve B again.
European Away forum / Re: AC Milan away ticket details
« Last post by TeddyTime33 on Today at 12:37:23 am »
So on return, what happens if you donít take a pcr test?
for a start you need to buy the test to actually get bsck in the country so you might as well take it. For Porto my test wasn't delivered in time to my day 2 address as the company fucked up so I never did it and no one contacted me or anything. But they could be more strict this time
nothing in it so all told


Just think, if we'd have scored one more goal v Chelsea we'd be 2 points clear
Apparently, without this stuff, you cannot reach the levels of performance that we set.

And we don't need it
Yeah, that was very much Klopp's point.

I like that he's not satisfied with an easy win. No danger of us getting complacent. Won't allow the players to let the result go to their heads.

We've not hit anything like our top level yet this season. We're going to be fucking terrifying when we do.

im glad the boss said that, that performance was worrying in many ways/areas altho you love all positive shit you see as well - a better side and they'd bagged numerous times
Our forwards alone, have scored more goals than any premier league team- COMBINED, except Chelsea. (Think we passed them now)

Salah, Mane, Firmino and Jota have scored 29.  Origi has 1. So those five have scored the same as Chelsea and more than the rest of the league...

Yeah, I posted earlier that 538 had a composite score of 3.1-0.7.

Adjusted score: 4.2-0.0
Shot based xG: 2.7-1.4
Non shot xG: 2.4-0.7

If people only look at shot based xG then it appears a much closer game, but our overall performance was dominant.

Being 1.5xG better isnít a close game.  Caley had it 2.6 to .8 and weíll see what Statsbomb had tomorrow but I would expect it would confirm statistically we were as dominant as it looked on TV.
was a great result,
i think if southampton could actually score goals, their tactics should have led to a couple for them, we would have won, but not so clearly. The scoreline was a little flattering.
Trent wasnt great in my opinion, and the defence apart from Virgil was a little ropey.. Alisson was brilliant and shows just how critical that last line is..
That challenge on Mane was a red, and nasty, I think there was intent there..
Thiago staying fit can be the key as pointed out before on here.
All coming up to fit in the team...
its looking so promising now.
Brighton fans booing at full time is mental
Great win, heard on MOTD that Mane was the last Saints player to score a league goal at Anfield, great stat that. Not even at our best today but there was some nice attacking passages and we put them to the sword, even with the chance to score more. Jota's great goalscoring form continues and it was nice to see the big man score, feels like a long, long time since that happened.

Now to beat them c*nts on Wednesday ...
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