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Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Our fantastic away support
« Last post by Toshack_Keegan_One_Nil on Today at 01:54:48 PM »
Not sure when you are talking about but we haven't played later than Dec 23rd since 1992. Personally I would ban games on Xmas Eve and NYE due to all the problems it causes, as SoS list above, but given we played on NYE last year....

In fact 1966 was the last time we played on Christmas Eve.

BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew will lead the ball-by-ball commentary team, with former England players Michael Vaughan, Geoffrey Boycott, Graeme Swann and Phil Tufnell providing expert analysis.

They will be joined by Australia legend Glenn McGrath, while Jim Maxwell, Simon Mann, Dan Norcross, Ed Smith and Alison Mitchell complete the line-up.

Boycott, Vaughan and Swann set up the double pay day trip then. Good work
Don't suppose anyone has a link to this with Hardcoded subs do they please?

I've recently downloaded this with no subs at all and can't find them anywhere online.
Ponting and Flem are excellent.

Vaughan and Swann are not.

What is Channel 9 coverage like? What Poms do you get on there? Might watch that if England are doing well.
Garcia's record around this track is unreal. Think he's got 10 top 10 finishes from 11 starts.

Give us these stats before we pick will ya!! ;D
News and Current Affairs / Re: The F*cking Liar & Deranged Animal.
« Last post by Red85 on Today at 01:50:32 PM »
I know what you mean, but in fairness, it's not clever or close to it. It's infantile shit, the kind of thing that nobody would get away in a professional setting, or in a school or college. In fact, the only place I could imagine hearing that kind of unsupported, "well, that's what I heard" bollocks would be in a pub. He's a pub bore, the kind of c*nt who used to be much more prevalent before everyone got google.

Depends on which sections of google you tend to spend your time browsing though.
They're not allowed to sell it out are they?  Aren't tickets being released in proportion to how many seats they would have at their new permanent stadium?

Aye i think its minimum 10% of the gate for some stadia (under 30k).
Common sense not prevailing in these circumstances for me.
This is such a shit idea. How can the Miguel Britos tackle on Anthony Knockaert be worthy of a 1 game longer suspension than a dive? Just fuck off.
Ticket and Travel Info / Re: 2017/18 TV Fixtures
« Last post by pyroparty on Today at 01:46:32 PM »
Thats not too bad, Chelsea was decent on the friday even if I did get the fright of a lifetime dragged in to an office after the dogs got me.
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