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Liverpool FC Forum / Re: The Anfield Wrap
« Last post by Filler. on Today at 03:14:53 AM »
His Robertson review was so spot on. A fucking nuisance :D

Was the highlight that ;D

I've got no real problem at all with what Gibbo said. Listened to it the following night after the game, and sure, he sounded like a Joy Division single being played at 33 rpm in the corner, but it's the Pink. I didn't agree with his view, but I find it pretty difficult to be overly critical with what people say straight after any game, whether it's someone being overly positive or negative - and there were certainly some over-overjoyed reactions in there too and why not!?

Nothing wrong with having one or two people trying to keep feet on the ground either.  What he probably needed was a walk home with Paul Cope who would have set him straight. A particularly good Talking Reds yesterday.

Barcelona thought they just needed to turn up v Roma. When you're a team that have been used to success like Barca, you're ripe for the occassional bloody nose and that's what they got. We're in a different place, and we'll be far better prepared mentally. The gig hasn't changed for me... beat Roma at home, then beat them away. Wouldn't matter to me if we were taking a 7-0 lead over there, the gig is the same.
Former LFC Players / Re: Steven Gerrard
« Last post by Cracking Left Foot on Today at 03:08:54 AM »
He's on a hiding to nothing if he goes up there. I can understand him wanting a big job, but he's far better off staying where he is and continuing to learn his trade. Plus, he'd have to uproot his family again which is more disruption, and the pressure to win the league would be unbearable for a manager in his first major role.

He's only 37, he's got plenty of time to learn his trade. This has got Barnsey at Celtic written all over it.
General Football and Sport / Re: The NFL Thread
« Last post by rodderzzz on Today at 03:05:16 AM »
cancel that theyre sticking with huntley
General Football and Sport / Re: The NFL Thread
« Last post by rodderzzz on Today at 03:00:43 AM »
GB jump up to get him. c*nts
Media and Arts / Re: The RAWK Film Thread
« Last post by rafathegaffa83 on Today at 02:55:51 AM »
Isle of Dogs: outstanding, detailed stop animation. Tilda Swinton's Oracle is barely on screen, but steals the entire film. Also likely Anderson's most political film
Here's a short twitter thread analysing the game
News and Current Affairs / Re: Fat Orange Nixon
« Last post by Banquo's Ghost on Today at 02:55:18 AM »
For Many, Life in Trump’s Orbit Ends in a Crash Landing

Proximity to President Trump has been a crushing experience for many people who arrived in his orbit with stellar careers and independent reputations and ended up losing so much.

Michael D’Antonio, another Trump biographer, said, “Anyone who engages with the president and, before that, with him as a business person, had to practice self-defense even if they were his allies.”

“All that matters to him,” he added, “is what you say and do in the moment in front of him.”

This has been known for years, and has been very obvious during his presidency. Makes one wonder why people continue to help and support him. None of them get richer, most of them lose pretty much everything and a good number are going to jail for a looooong time.

I know people are stupid, but there is absolutely no upside to getting onboard with the Amber Arsehole.
Ideally though we are 4-0 up at half time and all 4 are scored by salah so all records are broken and he can be rested.

Yes please. Let's do this.
General Football and Sport / Re: The NFL Thread
« Last post by rodderzzz on Today at 02:50:41 AM »
could lamar jackson drop to jaguars???
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Mohamed Salah - PFA Player of the Year
« Last post by afc turkish on Today at 02:44:25 AM »
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