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General Football and Sport / Re: Six Nations 2018
« Last post by Elzar on Today at 02:42:23 PM »
News and Current Affairs / Re: Fat Orange Nixon
« Last post by Ray K on Today at 02:42:21 PM »
Heís currently on a twitter rant about arming teachers.  :butt

'..a school has a large number of very weapons talented teachers (and others) who will be instantly shooting...'

The. Best. Words.
Just bounce him out of the debate right there.  From that point on anytime he opened his mouth somebody should just have shouted "shush!".  He's made it quite clear where his priorities lie.  Money - or guns - matter more to him than lives, and the lives of kids.

And arming teachers?  FFS.  I can see the headlines now: "Teacher locks classroom door and kills 40 kids after being fired".

Followed by Trump or some other wanker saying the answer is to arm the reception class.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Mohamed Salah - African Player of the Year 2017
« Last post by newterp on Today at 02:41:54 PM »
Wasnít Salah filming an advert? .... if so itís pretty funny that itís being taken as an example of what a down to earth great guy he is

I think he was - but apparently he took the time out extra to do the pictures with the fans that approached him (and apparently also decided to have a meal at the restaurant instead of just leaving). Either way - from all accounts he comes across as super humble and approachable.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: New Kit 2013/14/15/16 going into 17
« Last post by CraigDS on Today at 02:41:48 PM »
Love that grey one.
The Boozer / Re: The 'Eeeek...buying/saving for a house' thread
« Last post by CraigDS on Today at 02:41:15 PM »
Put an offer in on a house id been looking at recently. Its been on sale for over a year and price hasn't changed (It's vastly overpriced). After I submitted it, the agent got back to me and said

"Sorry we've already had an offer of x amount (much more than mine), is there any movement in your offer?

Smells dodgy.

At the end of the day offer what you think the house is worth, what you're happy paying and what you can afford. Don't get involved with any of their games.

If you think the offer you've made is fair then stick to it. If you low balled slightly then maybe up it a touch, but I'd not go flying in with a vastly improved offer.
The Boozer / Re: The small things in life that really annoy you
« Last post by Danny Boys Dad on Today at 02:41:05 PM »
There is a motorcyclist i see usually in or around town who does his very best to look like a bizzy,smaller but similar motorbike,white helmet..high-viz & a band of squares around it which has 'POLITE' in caps on it too,just seen the fucker again & he has now got blueish sidelights on the front of his bike.
Never met the lad in my life but i can't stand the c*nt.
Irrational dislike to a wannabe copper.

Probably to try and avoid some idiot closing the gap on him when he's trying to filter through the traffic
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: New Kit 2013/14/15/16 going into 17
« Last post by deFacto on Today at 02:39:55 PM »
I just want to know how dark the Red is.I dont like the white that are around the shoulders, but it looks solid overall.
The Boozer / Re: The small things in life that really annoy you
« Last post by Danny Boys Dad on Today at 02:39:54 PM »
'Essential' may not be the right term in hindsight but it's clearly important.

It's more about distraction rather than hearing, if you were playing loud music you might not be able to hear anything else but if you were still looking in your mirrors etc and being aware of the road conditions then it doesn't make much difference.

Anyone wearing a helmet and riding a Ducati 916 is probably effectively deaf to any other sounds around them but there's nothing to say that that is unsafe.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Naby Keita Watch
« Last post by Crimson_Tank on Today at 02:39:42 PM »
Surprised Amazon didn't rival us for him.

They were relying on normal Prime 2-day shipping while we paid for same day shipping but there was a stock issue...
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