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I'm expecting the toughest draw possible, and I'm excited either way.

I think we will get:

either Barca or Real
either Bayern or Dortmund
either Celtic or Leipzig

Not sure how reliable, but the Soton forum guy who has been getting all things right in the vvd saga ( TR, training alone etc ) has said that we are the only team to make an offer, and that Vvd will not be their player come 1st September.

The draw for the Champions League Group Stages is made later today (Thursday 24th August) - 5pm uk time - and will be streamed live on
That was reminiscent of the 5-1 against Arsenal. We should do well in the group stages as long as we draw teams that try to play football. I hope we get Barca.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Sadio Mané
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Oh Mane. Show me the Maneeeee. What a beast!

Nessy, Ia
So sorry to hear about your dad mate. RIP. All the best for tomorrow and beyond. Carry the good times with you and think on them often. Reach out if you need to.
There were some real problems with the last episode, spectacular as it still was, but I can't believe chains and Dany's cold endurance are the main nitpicks.
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