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Southampton v Liverpool 1-2 '45+1 Mane '70 Si Senor '83 Ings

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Rush 82:
0' - kickoff

LFC wearing their spiffy black kit with an early foray that comes to nothing

Rush 82:
3' 2nd time that saints try to beat the high line and are well caught by the offside flag.

St Mary's in good voice and of course, booing their ex players

Rush 82:
5' Yoshida gives the ball away and Salah gets it to the Ox steaming down the right. He crosses and but for Ward Prowse intercepting, Mane would have nodded that in.

Corner is safely dealt with by Saints.

Rush 82:
7' - nervous moment as Adrian kicks the ball against WardProwse - fortunately it goes behind.

and another moment as they nearly break through but there is enough cover.

Rush 82:
9' lfc not really into a cadence yet going forward and 'soton are pressing energetically.


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