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...the mayor of Liverpool City region, Steve Rotheram, and Manchester’s mayor, Andy Burnham, as well as Margaret Aspinall, chair of the Hillsborough Family Support Group, call on Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn and Jo Swinson to introduce without delay the so-called “Hillsborough law” if elected prime minister.

Introduced to parliament as the public authority (accountability) bill, it would require public authorities such as the police, fire brigade and local authorities to have a “duty of candour” in legal processes and provide bereaved families with funding for legal representation equal to that of those public authorities.

“While this won’t change the verdict which has been reached in [the Duckenfield prosecution],” the letter states, “it will at least be of some comfort to the Hillsborough families for it to be recognised by the country that the failure is not theirs, but of an overly hierarchical and adversarial system which is deeply flawed and in need of fundamental reform.”


'Once again, our legal system has failed the victims of Hillsborough':-

The acquittal of David Duckenfield is further evidence that the perverse separation of inquiry, criminal prosecution and inquests should end


From the Letters section of The Guardian (by Deborah Coles and Remy Mohammed)...

'The long fight for Hillsborough justice is not over'

Campaigners from Inquest call for a new bill to properly hold public and corporate authorities to account in state-related deaths


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