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LFC announce new 6-tier ticket plan

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as for the rest of the domino effect, it won't be known how many tickets would be actually available in PK2 if by some strange quirk occured that saw all the ST holders in pk3 switching over to pk2, so that would pish off a few people.. same as the other side in the kemlyn but there's more room to play with over there


as for the future stadium, it's anyone's guess what the price bands would be. if it goes up 2 a season, you'd be looking at 62, 60, 58, 57, 55 kop and 54.  they can only subsidize so much and it's bound to break eventually

if there are two price freezes, that would help bringing it down to 58, 56, 53, 51 and 50

if someone is on minimum wage or slightly more, they would hardly be in a position to have 50 expendable unless young and living at home. spending 25% of a pay on one match ticket is too much. Otherwise they would have to find another source to pay the players wages, and the only source available at the moment is the new tv deal, whether they use that to strengthen the squad and buy new players.

even g+h had a price preeze, and fsg, but when the price freeze ends, it goes up double.  everytime a ticket goes up and an ST goes up, it always provokes a reaction

maybe by then manutd, chelsea, arsenal would have put their up as well in the meantime.
if they are using the madrid model, madrid may well put their prices up.. last time i looked madrid they had some seats 75 back in 2009 tapering up and down and that was a while back.  Munich have normal price seats just like any other club comparable to 50 but their 17 euro tickets are subsidized and limited

in other words LFC will always be behind in attendance competative terms with the likes of manutd, barca et al.

more like keeping up with the jones's and back to square one in 5 years time.

and there was me thinking in 2009 a new stadium across the park would give the supporters cheap seats .


another daft way of looking at things, someone on mw will have to work 10 hours to buy a ticket. Used to be 2 hours work to get a tick back in 1980, 4 hours in 1994.

or buy a kop season ticket in 1989 for just over half a weeks pay...

Then again, someone on mw is more likely to be one of the many priced out and more likely to go once or twice a season if lucky enough.

someone on 7/8 an hour would feel the pinch..  if i convert my old job into today's money, i'd say i'd be on around 7.50 - 8hr
and be working 8 hours to get a ticket and another 8 hours to pay for the petrol.. everything else would have been non expendable.

crikes, all i had to in 1989-1996 is work 8 hours and i could go to the match, ticket&petrol paid for.

Looking at some other figures, 1990 and 1991 there was a blip in prices, not forgetting 1991 was the start of the centenary stand build, costing 1.5m. and two more stands in 1994 & 1997.

1978-79 kop 1.00, paddock 1.05, kemlyn road 2 3 super cup, main stand 1.50, anfield rd 1.50?
1979-80 kop 1.25, paddock 1.30
1980-81 kop 1.50
1981-82 kop 1.70, main stand 3.50
1982-83 main stand 3.80
1985-86 paddock 5
1986-87 anfield rd 4.50, paddock 5
1987-88 kop 3, anfield rd 5, main stand 5.80
1988-89 kop 3.50, main stand 8, anfield rd 7.50
1989-90 kop 4, anfield rd 7, paddock 8, main stand MW 5
1990-91 kop 5, paddock enclosure 9, anfield rd 9
1991-92 kop 6, main stand 11
1992-93 upper centenary 13, main stand 13
1993-94 main stand 13. anfield rd 13
1994-95 kop cat B 10, kop cat A 11, paddock/centenary 15/14, anfield rd 14, main stand fa cup 12
1995-96 kop 13/12, centenary 16, anfield rd 16, main stand 12 uefa
1996-97 kop 14/12, paddock 17, anfield rd 16/17, coca cola cup 15
1997-98 main stand 18, anfield rd 18, centenary lower 18
1998-99 kop 18/15 worthington cup 13/14, main stand 20, anfield rd 18/20
1999-2000 kop 15 fa cup, anfield rd 21/23
2000-2001 kop 24 16/21 fa cup 13 uefa, main stand 23 uefa, anfield rd 26/24,
anfield rd 23 fa cup tie, 13/23 uefa, lower centenary 13 worthington cup, upper centenary 26, 18 uefa
2001-2002 kop 22, anfield rd 24/27, main stand 27
2002-2003 kop 26 14 worthington cup, anfield rd 29/28/25,14 worthington cup. lower centenary 28 20 uefa,
main stand 6 MB worthington cup, paddock 20 uefa
2003-2004 anfield rd carling cup 15, 26/29
2004-2005 kop 28/30,28 CL,  anfield rd 28/30, upper centenary 17 carling cup, main stand 30 CL
2005-2006 kop 30, anfield rd 32. main stand 32
2006-2007 kop 28, paddock 32, anfield rd 32/34, main stand 34
2007-2008 kop carling cup 24, main stand 36, anfield rd 36
2008-2009 kop 36, anfield rd 38
2009-2010 kop 37,36 CL,  paddock 39, anfield rd 39
2010-2011 kop 37, anfield rd 39
2011-2012 kop 45/42/39, main Stand, centenary, paddock, anfield rd 48/44/42
2012-2013 kop 45/42/39, main stand, centenary, paddock, anfield rd 48/44/42, anfield rd 30 uefa


Great post Dave! I've shamefully nicked the statistics regarding work hours to ticket and put them out on Twitter to try and help push debate. You can see that here:

I started to attend when it was 25, I look on jealously at the previous ticket prices before that. Can't believe its nearly 50


i don't mind if anyone borrows any statistics....share and share alike.

lol my name isn't dave, best ask admin why they changed it to that from johnsouthwales.  Long story...

i'll try and fill in the missing bits and update when i can, so i know where it is anyway, but made a back up.

Like other psoters have said over the years, if someone doesn't go to a match for a reason, there is always someone there to fill the place. and if it keeps going up, there will be someone else to fill the space...and on it goes.

2002 had a 2 jump for the kop but 1 for the rest.  To me, that doesn't make a lot of sense so may have been appeasing ST holders in those stands, plus at the time the club were skint and going into the red.

If they are using the 2013-14 receipts and the increased tv deal soley for the stadium build instead of the owners using 100% of their money, which they would get back over the next 30 years anyway as part of the investment.  By the time anfield is redeveloped, the next tv deal comes around, it would either stay the same or increase again.
Seats could be going up  twice in that meantime and maybe frozen in years then go up again.  But as all frezes show, they go up quite a whack when they do.  And it is unlikely wages will go up much in that space too, but whatever wages go up, down or freeze, supporters find a way to raise the money.

personally i would prefer fsg to use their own money to finance the stadium and freeze the seat price and claw back their money over 30 years, and put it up accordingly if and when at  minimal raise.
But if they are borrowing to finace and the interest is more expensive, the obvious avenue would be hiking up the seats more than necessary

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