Author Topic: Liverpool 1984 - The Greatest Team : Remembered  (Read 33876 times)

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Re: Liverpool 1984 - The Greatest Team : Remembered
« Reply #40 on: October 6, 2011, 08:43:07 PM »
Happy Birthday Bruce
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Re: Liverpool 1984 - The Greatest Team : Remembered
« Reply #41 on: October 7, 2011, 09:53:40 AM »
great post mate

ive had the luck to have met some of these

I met Alan Kennedy when we were doing some promotion in an 02 store in Dublin in 2006. without doubt one of the nicest guys you could meet and I know I wont be the only one to say that. He signed a pic of the 4 european cups from the museum for me and my brother (yes i know we had 5 by then but the 5th one is not in the same cabinet).

I met Ronnie Whelan when I was younger and he seemed alright.

I went Ian Rush's book signing and got a great picture. Nice fella and I made sure to thank him for all he did for the club.

Just before Christmas 2010 I queued over an hour and a half to meet the King. It was touch and go whether I'd make it to the top by the time he had to go. Luckily I did. By that stage through sheer relief and shyness I just couldnt ask him to get a proper photo. I had heard various stories about him at times being obnoxious although looking back that was the media and journalists (you will notice in interviews he just wont tolerate silly questions) and if that was the case i would have been heartbroken. That wasnt the case at all.
He was obliging to everyone.

I was almost in his face thinking "ITS KENNY, SHIT ITS KENNY FUCKING DALGLISH" he signed away and a security man snapped me with my camera phone as he scribbled away and I stood beside him.  As he handed back my book looking briefly at me I stuck out my hand "how are you Kenny, Thanks very much". I stood there for one second but it felt like two hours. I thought "please shake my hand Kenny, please "

Sure enough he did and commented "No problem big man, thanks for coming out" atleast I think it was big man, he may hav ejust said man but sure I was in the presence of greatness. As you can tell the effect it had has me talking shite. But fuck it I had met King Kenny and shook his hand. I hope I get to do so again in the future.
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Re: Liverpool 1984 - The Greatest Team : Remembered
« Reply #42 on: November 5, 2012, 06:44:09 AM »
Happy days indeed, but for me the 77 team, swap Dalglish for Keegan (FA cup final, J.Case giving him a blackeye as legend has it) and we would have done the league, FA cup and European cup 30 years before the Mancs
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Re: Liverpool 1984 - The Greatest Team : Remembered
« Reply #43 on: February 24, 2013, 06:01:40 PM »
From memory, that 84 team was very average compared to the previous seasons, which makes the treble all the more incredible.  We were, of course, totally spoiled at the time, so "average" to us was still head and shoulders above everyone else.  This team certainly could not touch the 1979 team though. 
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