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hey everyone first time posting on here sorry for not searching first but

I cant believe after being a Liverpool supporter all my life that finally they are playing Napoli
I was born in England but all my mums family are in Naples, i want to go to this match so bad as it'll be my first ever European away game. Ive looked on but cant find any information out yet about just buying match tickets. Ive seen the section on Thomas Cook and booking through them but thats way more expensive then just an easy jet flight. Also whats all the terms and rules for buying a european match ticket you have to of been to ones previous haven't you?
have i got any chance of just buying tickets

thanx for all your help

only time will tell, its a big ground so a general sale might come about and a few last season went to general as well so you might, just might, be in with some luck but untill the full details get announced all i can do is 'speculate'


No way of telling yet mate, but good luck. Any info on the city for us?

This will be a mad and therefore boss away

Hightown Phil:
I'm talking a couple of encyclopaedia's to stick down the make of my cakes.

I may look fucking stupid, but you won't be laughing when I'm rambling to the airport and you've got another hole in your arse.


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