Author Topic: CL SF: Liverpool 4 vs Barçelona 0 (4-3) Origi 6', 79’, Gini 53', 56 Bloody hell.  (Read 145499 times)

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I'm going to vehemently disagree with Al.

Just because Liverpool are known for comebacks, doesn't mean it isn't special. That's a ridiculous notion.

The timing of the game - a day after our league title chances basically went up in smoke, the 2nd leg of the European Cup Semi-Final to go to the final, a Messi-led Barcelona still littered with tope level stars and a top level keeper, no Salah or Firmino.....

You can try to devalue Barcelona and say they weren't special - but they had one foot in the final. So Yeah, that was special. Incredibly special to the point that journalists, fans, coaches, players from other teams, and year end awards all recognize how special it was.

I agree here mate, having listened to those who were at St Etienne (arguably our most special night up to this point) now tell me that this was better makes it all the more special. I have to sometimes pinch myself still!

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This thread is special not because of the result, but because of the emotion.

How it felt still resonates...

It’s like no drug you can get....
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I really don't get the fascination with this thread. We came, we saw and we conquered.

That is what we do.

We have done it on numerous occasions. Barca aren't special so why glorify them.

It's not about Barca mate.
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Its about Alliums!
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It’s about continuing the tradition.

Great to know what we started in 1965 v Inter, is continuing today!
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Re: CL SF: Liverpool 4 vs Barçelona 0 (4-3) Origi 6', Gini 53', 56
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I'm in bits here - tears streaming down my face.

Love this . . . .

And love this thread . . . so real and still alive.  :thumbup

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"Son of a mother"  Shakira made me smile.

Thanks for posting that mate.

Think she says «hijo de puta madre»: more like "son of a whore"... (though she said the "puta" quietly so the kids wouldn't hear). A bit harsh in her assessment of Gini there.  ;D
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