Author Topic: Have you ever been to the Baseball Ground in the early 70's with some cats ?  (Read 17072 times)

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Great tale, cracked up at the

" Watch your backs a bag of cats here" 

Cheers for bumping that one Terry  :)

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Great tale, cracked up at the

Cheers for bumping that one Terry  :)
The 92A put it up in the Echo tribute thread on the LFC Forum, so it's thanks to him for that.
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Rest in peace Ray Osborne/shanklyboy

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A cat! A cat! A cat!

Rest in Peace.

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a brilliant tale that about the cats, and obviously shows Shanklyboy was brought up the right way, as he took his litter home with him !!! ::)

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"[The cats] mewed with delight!" Ha haaa, quality! :D RIP shanklyboy
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" Watch your backs a bag of cats here"

That line had me in bits  ;D

Great story and thanks for bumping it.

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One of the greatest stories ever told. Brilliant. :)
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Brilliant. Can't believe I've not read this before.

I bet Sir Harvest Fields loved this story
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just cheered me up no end reading that again,think the end we used to have was on the side think it was called the popular!
remember not  getting to one game at derby till half time, some of our lads had pulled the communication cord at longton station just outside of stoke because they wanted a quite word with some of their lot!!

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Haha - remember reading this. The 'got a bag of cats here' line is brilliant.
Sid Lowe (@sidlowe)
09/03/2011 08:04
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 :lmao Reading this for the first time, but kwaalitee ;D
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Brilliant, anyone would be proud to have a story like that

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Cracking Story

R.I.P Ray
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I remember reading this at the time it was posted, I laughed my socks off then and I laughed them off again today reading it  :D

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Fucking madness. Anyone know of the story of the wolves away game in 76 and a scouser flying down the hard shoulder on a horse.
Just read this thread in full.  This story was never elaborated upon but it sounds fucking fantastic.  Someone ITK please tell all!

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Thanks for that bump.

Bonus thread; great story - remembering Shanklyboy.