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Finally getting my Pfizer haha

Yup, my thoughts exactly!
The Boozer / Re: Ask - RAWK replies
« Last post by Welshred on Today at 08:11:09 pm »
If that doesn't help then this thread on WiFi extenders has been really helpful for me recently. Got one of the devices recommended and haven't had an issue in any of the bedrooms in my house since.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: New Kit thread
« Last post by rob1966 on Today at 08:10:27 pm »
just wondering if the 96 on the neck will change to 97?

I wondered that myself. It should be changed as far as I'm concerned.
The Boozer / Re: Unemployed Rawkites
« Last post by rob1966 on Today at 08:07:50 pm »

There constantly saying that but currently there does actually seem to be. Load of old boys at our place on class 1 didn't come back after the first lockdown so I imagine a few places will be the same

Massive driver shortage at the minute, if you can't get in a place, go on the agencies. I went with agencies when I passed my test in 2006 and they got me into Stobart. Been a casual for them since 2009 now.
News and Current Affairs / Re: China - a Fascist State
« Last post by ChaChaMooMoo on Today at 08:07:42 pm »
The reason for me leaving the original post was just to counteract the linear notion that some people have in this thread that China plotted or concealed the release of a deadly virus for economical reasons, which if you think about for more than 10 seconds, makes zero sense. It is far more likely that the virus escaped as a result of more obvious reasons. Chiefly human beings fucking with nature. There's plenty of examples of it in history. Why should this one be any different?

I hear you. And I can agree with that sentiment.

But just to be clearer on my side - How is that this virus has affected all the nations of the world in a "stamped" pattern? I mean, how is it that they aren't affected negatively by weather, moisture, temperature etc. Be it the original strain, Alpha variant, or the delta variant or the epsilon variant?!?
Puts Mane’s struggles last season into perspective.
Makes me embarrassed to have one slightly sore tonsil to be honest
General Football and Sport / Re: Olympics 2020 Tokyo
« Last post by Welshred on Today at 08:06:59 pm »
Puts Mane’s struggles last season into perspective.

I think so. Kept saying to people that I felt Mane's issues were Covid related so I really wouldn't be surprised if that's what cause him to struggle.
Technology and Science / Re: Sky+ HD / Sky Q Thread
« Last post by TepidT2O on Today at 08:06:24 pm »
What does everyone think about this netflix partnership with Sky? I have to admit I was getting my netflix via my work colleague's account. So, it looks as though I will have to pay for it through my Sky account now. How much are people paying for it?
You can just download the app on sky.

Just login on the app using your normal login details. Same with Disney Amazon etc etc.  You can also get Netflix as part of your SKY package though if you want
Ticket and Travel Info / Re: Autocup
« Last post by Shanklygates on Today at 08:03:47 pm »
The payment will fail when they try to take one, you'll then have some time to go into your account (think its 48 hours) and 'buy' the ticket again, then that payment card becomes your ACS payment card. Its the only way I've been able to do it in the past
OK thanks. I've heard people doing that b4 but thought there would be a way of preventing it. Oh well  Thanks
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