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Sexual abuser & corrupt c*nt Donald Trump convicted

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I'm very optimistic (I think) about the election, but a complete pessimist regarding the punishments that will be meted out.

In this thread we state our predictions about what happens to him.

Maybe it's nothing criminal but he spends the rest of his days fighting court cases?

What do you think, do you think things? Let's find out!

I canít see anything happening ...

When heís gone, the impetuous to convict him goes too...  do you heal the US by charging him? 

Hedley Lamarr:
I think Trump will face charges somewhere along the line, probably eighteen months or so post election. Probably face a dick load of civil cases.

I would settle for a humiliating bankruptcy and complete demolition of the Trump brand. All those Trump signs being taken off buildings, him losing his golf courses, that would be lovely.

John C:
I think it's worth opening this thread now, lets refrain from it being a general Trump thread, but more about any indictments and potential prosecutions he may face (if any) when he leaves office.

This is a good article to start with from Renato Mariotti.

Respected legal authoritarian Glen Kirschner is adamant Trump should also face charges for neglectful homicide due to the manner in which he managed the coronavirus resulting in thousands of preventable deaths.


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