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Brexit. the Con continues

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--- Quote from: TSC on June  9, 2024, 02:58:40 pm ---Unsure if this one was widely reported re the d-day events, when UK paratroopers were met by French customs on landing the other day.  Apparently a contingent from Belgium weren’t as they obviously have freedom of movement.

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The little Inglunders will be having a fit over that one going a deep shade of purple, hope their heads explode.

I was chatting to a blind fella before, he was saying how Brexit fucked up foreign travel for him as before Brexit he could take his guide dog, but now he has to fill in tons of forms to take the dog and if he makes a mistake they take the dog into kennels and its £500 a night.


--- Quote ---VISAS

UK citizens won’t need a visa for short, tourist trips to most EU countries. You may have to show details of your cruise itinerary and use separate lanes from EU citizens when clearing immigration.

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Thanks a lot you w*nkers


--- Quote from: ---Re-joining EU is our longer term objective - Lib Dems

The Liberal Democrats have said they want to re-join the European Union, but have stressed it is a "longer term objective".

The party's 2024 manifesto, published on Monday, says it would first embark on a four-stage roadmap focused on fixing the UK's "broken relationship" with the EU and renewing the "ties of trust and friendship".

The gradual approach contrasts to the 2019 general election, when the words "stop Brexit" appeared in capital letters on the front of their manifesto.

Speaking at the party's election manifesto launch, Lib Dem leader Sir Ed Davey said he believed that the UK needed to be "back in the heart of Europe" but acknowledged it was "going to take time".

He argued that the UK's Brexit deal with the EU had been a "disaster" and had "undermined growth".
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Good for them.  If nothing else it will be a good to have a party with a degree of political coverage to point out what a disaster Brexit has been.


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