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"Sell-Off" - The Abolition of Your NHS

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Sell-Off - The Abolition of Your NHS

A film about a group of doctors who want to save the NHS. This is a project created by Peter bach, who is now producing a film to educate people on the deliberate dismantling of the NHS.  This is what he says:

"This film is radical. With over a dozen NHS insiders as my witnesses, I will tell the alarming story of how the health service as we know it is being quietly abolished. Almost without our noticing, itís been replaced by a system modelled on the US in which care is delivered by profit-maximising companies that charge patients for treatment which is anyway to be restricted and reduced. One medical reporter the filmmaker knows claims that health reporting today is so poor because few journalists have real sources inside the NHS. Well, this film will have a riot of medical sources - including one professor, two consultant radiologists, a cancer expert, a public interest lawyer, and several outspoken GPs. What they all have to say will be shocking, unusual and brave. Our doctors will really strike back in this one. "

However, for this film to reach completion, Peter Bach needs some financial backing from each and everyone of us who care about the NHS.

This is the website where you can also make a contribution. Please spread it around family and friends.

Will do.

Fat Scouser:
Thanks for posting that H.

It won't be much, thanks to being in it with Mr and Mrs Altogether. But I will send a few quid. I'll also do my best to spread this about. Hopefully everybody else will to. People really need to be alerted up to what these thieves are doing. They need to be put in the dock for treason.


--- Quote from: hide5seek on March 11, 2014, 04:10:01 pm ---Will do.

--- End quote ---

Twelfth Man:
Cheers, on it.


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