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The Tax avoidance thread. Why should Jimmy Carr apologise?

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My first thought when I heard that he uses legal tax avoidance loop holes is 'fair play to him. He's not doing anything illegal. No laws are being broken'

John Bishop said it best on twitter

'To be honest Jimmy Carr’s finances are like his jokes – every comedian in the country read it and said, “I wish I thought of that”.

So why should he be apologising for taking part in a legal tax avoidance scheme?

Footballers, celebrities, actors, companies with billions in turnover and anyone with a shitload of money does it.

If any of you had the chance to get involved in one of those and legally reduce your tax contributions then I'm sure you would

What David Cameron and his cronie Gideon should be doing is closing these loopholes up and making sure that these people have no excuse but to pay their taxes instead of calling Jimmy Carr 'dodgy and immoral'

You are Richard Murphy and I claim my £5 (tax deductible, offset, etc)

Sir Harvest Fields:
Cos he should pay taxes just like all our politicians do...................................

Rob K:
Cameron should look closer to home before he starts getting all high and mighty:

The Gulleysucker:
He should first apologise for being a particularly shit comedian.


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